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Nektar Technologies launches a new Panorama T-series MIDI controllers line

Nektar Technologies launches a new Panorama T-series MIDI controllers line

A new line of MIDI controllers - T-series from Nektar Technologies, will be launched in July. The line includes two keyboards: T4 with 49 keys and T6 with 61 key. The company promises a deep control over VST / AU plug-ins, the ability to control some parameters in digital workstations and several performance functions.

Nektar Panorama T4

The controllers of this series use the second-generation Panorama keyboard, currently the most expressive of the company's products. It is pressure-sensitive and supports aftertouch, which can change the pitch or the volume. The controls in T4 and T6 are:

  • 8 encoders,
  • 8 pressure sensitive pads with aftertouch function, which can be assigned 2*8 values within the same preset settings,
  • 9 faders and buttons below them (when working with the CSD, the ninth fader is automatically assigned to the master channel),
  • LED display, which instantly reflects all the changes you make.

A special plug-in Nektarine can be called the main feature of these controllers, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of setting and assigning parameters to the controls available in the devices. It contains preset settings for many plug-ins, but you can create and save your own, moreover, it is possible to save patches in individual plug-ins, and then search them directly on the controller's display. There is also a Multi mode, which allows you to create groups of ≤ 8 plug-ins and control their volume, pan, solo or turn off individual plug-ins.

As to the operation of devices with digital workstations, they are compatible with all MCUs supporting MCU (Mackie Control Universal), currently Bitwig, Cubase, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper and Reason. You can control the standard channel selection, transfer and basic parameters of the mixer such as volume, pan, turn-off and channel soloing.

Among the performative functions of controllers there are:

  • A chord that allows you to play chords up to 6 notes by pressing one key,
  • A repeat (for both keys and pads), which causes the key or pad to repeat at the specified speed, which can be synchronized with the external tempo,
  • A hold, which holds the played notes until the function is turned off.

These devices have ports for connecting an expression pedal and a footswitch, they also have a MIDI out and a USB port for connecting them to a computer. The cost of T4 is $350, T6 is $400.

Nektar Panorama T6

Published: 13:36 04.07.2018
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