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Mothership 2 - three-voice analog guitar synthesizer

Mothership 2 - three-voice analog guitar synthesizer

Pigtronix announced their new product - Mothership 2 - a new advanced pedal for guitarists. As for the settings the device is really great, and it will be available in September this year for $250.

One of the largest manufacturers of pedals Pigtronix announced the release of a new version of the analog pedal synthesizer Mothership 2. Years of painstaking work appeared to be fruitful - a new pedal is promised to be velocity sensitive, and represents a three-voice analog synthesizer with oscillator hard sync and pitch modulation via portamento and CV/expression pedals.

Mothership 2 is enclosed into a compact aluminum housing. This is a nice guitar synthesizer with real-time amplitude and pitch tracking with adjustable settings and an impressive sync effect that allows you to get new modulation effects for guitar and bass.

Mothership 2 has the Sync effect, which will help create many unique sounds using the Sweep and Timbre controls, and there's also a built-in Glide function to achieve modulation and pitch effects shifting from one note to another with the ability to adjust the timing. Alien magic effects Sync Sweep can be achieved with the help of an additional input signal of the expression pedal/CV modulating the VCO along with the on-board switches and the Glide function.

Among the features of Mothership 2 there are three analog oscillators producing a triangle, a square, a sub-octave (sine). According to Pigtronix, the device is equipped with the "fastest pitch tracking in the world". There is the ability to control the dynamics of velocity sensitivity, there’s also a true bypass offered.

Supports control via CV - TRS/TS input (range 0-5V). The sub-octave output isolates the sub-octave extracting it from the main one. The device can be powered requires 18 V DC (300mA power supply comes with the kit).

The control panel of the device features five potentiometers and is equipped with two toggle switches. In the upper row of controls there are individual level controls for VCO and rectangular waves, here you can also customize the original clean guitar sound and the subwoofer sine wave that can be removed from the main mixes and sent to its own amplifier thanks to the SUB output jack.

The middle row of controls allows you to adjust the volume, glide effect, fine tuning of oscillators and the Dynamics function, owing to which it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of amplitude change tracking.

The bottom line of the controls consists of three switches for Unison, Octave Up and Interval presets (Maj 3rd, 4th, 5th), and a new synchronization function that subordinates the triangular and rectangular wave of the oscillators to the input signal, which makes it possible to generate sound with fixed parameters in unison with complex harmonics and overtones, which can be modulated.
Mothership 2 can be purchased for $249 in September 2017.

Published: 17:39 20.07.2017
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