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A replenishment of a semi-modular Moog line - the new Grandmother synthesizer

A replenishment of a semi-modular Moog line - the new Grandmother synthesizer

On May 11th, a new Moog product was launched - a semi-modular analog synthesizer Grandmother, which also includes an arpeggiator, a sequencer and a spring reverb. Its design and internal organization refers to the classic modular systems from Moog, but now it is not necessary to understand the sound path of the instrument - its semi-modular structure allows you to explore the world of analog synthesis even without the knowledge of patching and, at the same time, reconnect any of the default connections.

MOOG Grandmother

In recent years, there has been a clear trend in synthesizer design&engineering, which consists in bringing the functionality of modular systems to desktop stand-alone instruments. This was reflected in MOOG products: they released a desktop semi-modular synthesizer Mother-32, percussion synthesizer Drummer From Another Mother, and now there is a new addition to the line - Grandmother. In comparison with the previous instruments, this one has a high-quality pressure sensitive 32-key keyboard manufactured by the Italian company Fatar. Unlike the Mother-32 / DFAM, the switching matrix was distributed across the entire front panel, which is now painted in colors. The synthesizer sections, however, are not separate modules, the colors serve only for visual separation.

The Grandmother synthesizer is referred to modular Moog products not only because of the appearance and the way the instrument works, but also because of the schematic of individual parts. If the oscillator section (there are two of them) is similar to the rest of the synthesizers in the line and is based on Minimoog, many other elements are based on the design of the modules: the resonant four-pole Grandmother filter is based on Moog 904, the mixer is based on Moog CP3, the ADSR envelope generator is based on Moog 911, the amplifier is based on the Moog 902, and the built-in analog spring reverb is based on the Moog 905. In addition, the synthesizer features a low-frequency oscillator (LFO) with the ability to generate waves in the audible range, as well as controlling the pulse width of the selected waveform, and a built-in intuitive arpeggiator and sequencer. There is also a single-pole HPF, and for a full MIDI interface (input, output, pass), including USB MIDI.

The functionality in the context of the latest innovations on the synthesizer market is not the most impressive, but the possibility of patching and Grandmother’s compatibility with modular systems and other semi-modular Moog synthesizers reveal the rather rich potential of the instrument, not to mention the fact that MOOG instruments are bought for their branded sound. The official price of the new instrument is $ 999, the minimum retail price is indicated at $ 900, and it can already be purchased from authorized dealers. The visitors of the Moogfest 2018 in addition to the synthesizer will also receive a limited festival badge and a vintage denim jacket from MOOG.

MOOG Grandmother

The main competitors from the recently appeared instruments are, strangely enough, Arturia Minibrute 2 / Rackbrute, Dreadbox Erebus, PGH Lifeforms SV-1 Blackbox, Kilpatrick Audio Phenol, Korg MS-20 / MS-20M, as well as some compact modular synthesizers, such as Erica Synths Pico-1, PGH System 10.1. But almost all of them need a keyboard, and such an option as the Waldorf KB37 + Eurorack modules - is too expensive, albeit the most flexible. Turns out that Moog has launched an instrument, you’ll have a hard time resisting to buy, moreover, at a tolerable price! Will not this be a decisive step for the company to return to the broad masses of musicians who are tired of waiting for Minimoog "for a reasonable price" or can not fully embed Phatty in their modular systems due to the availability of only the basic CV functionality?

Published: 00:12 18.05.2018
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