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MOK Waverazor: New Concept From Taiho Yamada

MOK Waverazor: New Concept From Taiho Yamada

Taiho Yamada is a sound engineer and he always knows how to impress. He developed the sound engine for M-Audio Venom, worked with Alesis (Andromeda A6, Quadrasynth and QS series). He kept silence since Venom happened to be underrated and when some work on software synths was finished. But NAMM 2017 revealed the name of Yamada’s own brand – MOK. Together with Alesis MOK has prepared a futuristic sound concept and we’re going to tell you a little bit about it.

MOK Waverazor, Taiho YamadaWaverazor is a virtual software synthesizer which implements the new sound synthesis method – it slices waveforms and unconventionally combines the results which leads to unheard aggressive sounding outcome. Yes, even more viperous and toxic then that in Venom. It became possible owing to the digital oscillator patented technology which allows modulation of 16 segments in a waveform individually while putting the processed parts together shaping a single final waveform. Taiho Yamada tries to make it clear telling that the technology is actually of a granular synthesis origin in some way because there is no direct connection between soundwave frequencies. The number of soundwave segments may vary from 1 to 16 (providing we have current implementation) and in case there are 16 segments the eventual wave can differ a lot from that in the beginning, if there’s only one segment then we talk about a one-step processing of a standard waveform. The segments can also be of various length.

The new technology let the synth make something similar to oscillators hard sync but using several sync points and modulation which is not typical and generates supernatural sonic vibes by no means less spellful than those of the cosmic Hartmann Neuron. Sounds are incredibly juicy even if you make use only of one oscillator but if you turn on all the three of them you’ll find yourself streaming down at the speed of waterfall into marvelous intoxication with its mighty scintillant sound flow! It is no exaggeration – virtual oscillators possess hundreds of adjustable parameters. Moreover each virtual voice can use up to 3 filters in parallel or in series.

Waverazor is developed by Media OverKill (MOK) – company which was created by such famous professionals as Rob Rampley, Taiho Yamada and Chris Compton. The software is still under revision. The price is pre-announced - $75, and March 1 is an anticipated release date. And just a month after there’s going to be another version – an elaborate one with 700 parameters for an oscillator not to mention all the details. And the fun part: if you’re hooked up by the initial release and ready to give $75 very soon then the upgrade will cost you nothing. For anyone who appeared to be indifferent or hesitant the version №2 will raise its price tag from 0 to $150.

When watching the video below please mind your volume otherwise you might damage your hearing. Or it’ll threaten you with a mild music shake-up. The comments claiming there’s no genre for that noise are of no worth – let us reassure you Waverazor is a true ringleader give it time and it will blossom out as a Digital Acid Space instigator.

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Published: 20:31 29.01.2017
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