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Stargazer: no distractions - just knobs!

Stargazer: no distractions - just knobs!

Recently released Stargazer from Møffenzeef Mødular is an interesting drone synthesizer, promising its users a ton of fun and no distractions like CV, MIDI and other complex things. It is based on a wavetables synthesis, and it also has 3 low-frequency oscillators that will guarantee a vaste field of experimens. Moreover, if you wanted to acquire a device that is comfortable to take with you to the performances, then this is it.

Moffenzeef Modular StargazerMøffenzeef Mødular recently released Stargazer - a drone synthesizer, which they themselves call a bit odd. The idea of ​​the company itself is to produce simple and understandable devices that are rich in functionality and at the same time for fun, rather than something extremely serious.

So, what kind of animal is this? Stargazer has a dual wavetable oscillator, which can produce 90 different forms of waves, an analog resonant multimode filters, three wavetable low-frequency oscillators (LFO), digital distortion effect, bit crusher and sample rate reduction.

The second oscillator can be detuned relative to the first, lowered by an octave, and its volume can also be adjusted. The synthesizer can be connected to the expression pedal, which will control the frequency of all three LFOs, which will free the performer's hands and give him the ability to control other tone parameters. Dimensions of the synthesizer are very small: 17.2 cm x 19.7 cm x 3.81 cm. It feeds on a 9V block, which, however, will have to be bought separately.

For whom is this synthesizer intended? In the promotional video on Youtube Møffenzeef Mødular described their target audience as lost artists, parents with too many hobbies and fans of all kinds of noise, so if you see yourself in one of these crowds, you might want to get to know the instrument more closely.

As for the build quality, the manufacturer promises that Stargazer is ready for ill-treatment. You can safely take it with you to a concert, where it will most likely suffer a lot of violence, or on a long trip. The case is made of durable sheet metal, which will protect all the insides of the synthesizer and will not let it fail.

In general, the instrument can be said to be a very interesting synthesizer, capable of creating excellent drones and strange waves. Stargazer has already entered the market and you can buy it for $525.

Published: 21:45 18.04.2018
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