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Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth: Good Approach To Budget Synths

Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth: Good Approach To Budget Synths

One small British company which until now has been launching only analog and hybrid synthesizers of the highest price range with enormously stunning functionality and greatest quality of assembling as well as eurorack modules decided to... No, not to launch a less pricey synth doing a favor to many musicians who are crying and dying to get Modal 002 or Modal 008. No. Even better. They gave us a DIY synth to make a proper synth skeleton. You won’t see even panels here. “Come undone” or have it “hard core” way (hardware?). Ok, let’s see is it a soft and kind “nice try” from Modal Electronics to give us all for nothing or an alarm bell sort of “nothing sells”, yes, neither did rolls-royce during wartime.

Modal Electronics CRAFTsynthDIY kit called CRAFTsynth has oh so nothing in common with that concept groomed and nurtured by Modal Electronics which is known for its arrogant production aimed at the people one night dreaming about some freakish TVR car and the next day getting it (as simple). The price of CRAFTsynth surmounts amounts $100. Quite the price for the skeleton. But there’s more to it. In a minute you’ll know because we’ll tell you and we’ll know what you think about it because you’ll comment on it.

CRAFTsynth is a monophonic digital synthesizer based on DSP offering 2 oscillators per voice as well as sine, triangle, saw, square with PWM waveformes + FM, noise generator, oscillator 2 detune function, unison, 4 virtual subs allotment per one main oscillator (considering there are 2 main ones = 8 possible detunes). There are also Glide option and Scale changes between major, minor, diatonic and blues. There is also memory for 16 patches which can be managed with the help of CRAFTapp.

CRAFTsynth features a lot of possibilities for modulation with 6 destinations (attenuator amplitude, filter cutoff, FM part in signal path as well as oscillators’ part in signal output, PWM, pitch). LFOs offer 4 basic wave shapes – sine, triangle, saw, square and offers MIDI auto sync possibility.

There is one resonant low pass filter. Envelope generator have 16 presets available, but you’ll have an opportunity to save your own ones straight into the patch too. If you still keep calm and quiet reading all we’ve got to tell you let us add that CRAFTsynth also has delay and distortion (waveshaping overdrive)!

Hope we put here every feature it delivers. All of that is inserted into 5 circuit boards making them not only a driving but also a carrying force since the actual panels are missing. So here you’ll find 8 potentiometers and a USB jack as well. Can you imagine? The price incorporates full USB and MIDI implementation; CRAFTapp software will be available for you to download it in the end of 2016. (It’s basic but still better than nothing, plus it’ll be supported by many platforms - iOS, Mac, PC, and even Android in a few months). There are a headphones jack and line level output.

No panels. But they are needed when there’s a keyboard. But there’s no keyboard. Why would anyone need a keyboard if there’s USB and Modal Electronics seem to be sure that you will do great with just a 5-note plate which CRAFTsynth is equipped with. These 5 touch sensitive “keys” are assigned to Glide, Scale, Volume, Octave, EG functions. No power supply. But think about that as well: you may use USB or baterries to power it. Well done, guys from Modal Electronics. And no bundles. Special thanks for no bundles. We’ve got no holes to pick - they left their creation accomplished. All we have to do is to listen and decide whether we should buy it.

Published: 16:24 19.11.2016
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