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Ctrl X - a multifunctional instrument from Miclop

Ctrl X - a multifunctional instrument from Miclop

Most recently, a fundraising has been started at the Kickstarter for the production of the debut product of the Spanish company Miclop, the workstation Ctrl X. The machine includes a digital synthesizer, a sequencer, a MIDI controller and other useful tools for music creation.

Miclop CTRL XCtrl X is a compact device with a touch screen and a set of buttons and knobs, which is a full-fledged synthesizer and can become a very convenient controller for software instruments, effects and, in fact, anything else, since it is compatible with Arduino, and the source code is in open access. Besides, the instrument has its own synthesizer and step sequencer.

The synthesizer in Ctrl X is polyphonic, it has two sample based oscillators that work with SoundFont technology, which allows you to load and use any waveforms, samples of any synthesizers and other instruments. Ctrl X has various types of synthesis and sound wave transformation, such as FM, RM, waveshaper, and phase distortion (PD). For each oscillator, an arpeggiator is provided for parallel alignment of several parts, for example, bass and lead. As for filters, you can find emulations of all possible variations of them with different depths of cut and sound characters. The low frequency generators (LFO) in the synthesizer also work with SoundFont, which opens up a lot of modulation capabilities. A simple switching matrix consisting of only two sections (assignable parameter and destination) is also provided. The instrument offers a wide range of effects, including delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion and equalizer.

As already mentioned, Ctrl X is also an advanced MIDI controller, which is very convenient to use thanks to the touch screen. The developers promise that the assignment of parameters will take only two clicks. There is a special program provided as well for creating templates and assigning parameters. From the technical side, everything is also very promising: the accuracy of parameters setting can be increased from 7 to 14 bits, in addition, the controller can send NRPN messages. The sequencer in Ctrl X is extremely intuitive and simple, you can do such manipulations as selecting individual notes, soloing and turning them off, and step-by-step control over the playback speed. Patterns can be copied and pasted, changing their tempo and transposing.

Despite the questionable design, Ctrl X is a flexible instrument with extensive functionality and a fairly powerful sound engine at a fairly pleasant price of around $350. By the way, all those who have invested in the project on Kickstarter will receive a synthesizer built into Ctrl X in the plug-in format.

Published: 22:58 05.06.2018
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