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Linnstrument 128 Announced By Roger Linn

Linnstrument 128 Announced By Roger Linn

Linnstrument is a great multifunctional controller which can be used as a multichannel step sequencer thanks to the new firmware v2.0. But the $1500 price tag scared away all those who can’t afford something just as soon as it hits their mind. The units suffered poor demand - Arturia was “right in time” with its DrumBrute and other brands don’t rest on their laurels either. Old good buddies Linn and Smith have always had a keen sense of hype – this time Linn strikes first. All we have to do now is to wait for Tempest to get rid of its price (which is distressing) and get some update; there could have been some news for Roli line as well. But let’s talk about Linnstrument.

Linnstrument 128Well, Linnstrument 128 is a compact version of Linnstrument. We don’t say “little brother” or “stripped down version” because it’s not like that. Sure there are some differences but it’s not about economizing. The “version” or “alternative variant” is what we see in Linnstrument 128. Many of the potential customers who were ready to by Linnstrument stopped themselves from doing it just because they were in doubt whether they need such a big instrument and for such a big price.

So now it’s smaller and the price is smaller. Smaller by 1/3, the dimensions - 15.7" (399 mm) vs 22.4" (570 mm) in width, the price - $999 vs $1499. Anyway the functions are the same, only playing surface was reduced: big Linnstrument offers 25x8 pads, the new one – 16x8 of them which is quite enough for those who got used to the 4x4 standard or other variations (not more than 64 pads). Virtual pads still feature a number of sensing capabilities – velocity, release velocity, continuous pressure, continuous X-axis (left-right) movement and continuous Y-axis (forward-backward) movement, independently and simultaneously for all touches.

As for the software both instruments have identical functions, and Linnstrument 128 can be applied as a sequencer.

Roger Linn didn’t know exactly why would there be a separate power supply jack so this time he removed it assuming the device can be powered via USB.

The controller will cost you $999 which feels so much better than $1000, doesn’t it? It’s also cheaper than Roli Seabord 49 – these are not principal rivals but competitors anyway. Linnstrument can give similar functionality while Roli Seabord lacks some of the features Linnstrument offers.

We’re looking forward to the mini version 8x8 for $499. Roger Linn hasn’t persuaded us yet. But if you think Linnstrument 128 seems convincing enough we’re eager to read your comments.

Published: 11:03 30.10.2016
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