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Eurorack news

Eurorack news

The last week has brought a lot of interesting news for the amateurs of modular synthesizers, such as a new oscillator with waveform change functions from Pittsburgh Modular, a Link module (Evaton Technologies) for connecting several modular systems, a percussion eurorack-module Fracture, which uses granular synthesis to create a variety of percussion sounds, and new plans by Behringer.

The tendency of increasing the interest in modular synthesizers has been observed for a long time, both among musicians and producers. The further it goes, the more diverse the market of modules becomes from small to large companies. This week was very rich in news in the field of modular synthesizers and we, in turn, have gathered the hottest ones for you.

PGH Lifeforms Primary Oscillator

Pittsburgh Modular in addition to its new sequencer Electronic Sequence Designer 128 will also present an Eurorack module called Lifeforms Primary Oscillator at the Superbooth 2018 exhibition. This module has many possibilities for changing the waveform (fragments, timbre, blade), while the basis is a double sawtooth generator. All the details about this device will be announced by Pittsburgh Modular in May.

Another promising generator is to be expected during this year. The well-known ACL (Audio Circuits League) company has announced a Multifunction Discrete VCO, a Eurorack format monster-oscillator, according to a company representative, capable of blowing up any dance floor. It has a seemingly powerful section of a sub-oscillator with five waveforms. The module also has a pulse-width modulation, which can be used independently for both oscillator and sub-oscillator, the ability to synchronize with an external CV signal, the low-frequency generator operating mode, and much more. The release date and cost are yet unknown.

The new Link module was shown by Evaton Technologies on the eve of the Berlin exhibition. It is designed to connect several modular systems, and if each of them is connected with a Link module, it becomes possible to transfer 18 CV/audio signals through one HDMI cable. This is a passive module, which contains 4 stereo jacks and 10 mono jacks. It is designed in 4HP Eurorack format, but there will also be a 5U version, which will allow to easily and conveniently connect 5U and eurorack-synthesizers.

WMD Fracture

The following news is from the WMD company: their percussion eurorack-module Fracture has been launched. The device has a set of single samples (claps, snaps, ping pong balls, opening a beer can, and many more), the similar groups of which are then played in a pseudo-random order. This allows you to create sounds from standard clapping, to applause of a huge audience, and you can control both the number and density of the crowd. Also, the device has a built-in reverb, filter, envelope, two inputs for triggers, CV inputs for all parameters and, of course, a stereo output. This module can already be purchased for $269.

Behringer Behringer 110 Behringer 121

Behringer 130 Behringer 131 Behringer 150

Behringer 173 Behringer 174 Behringer 182

And now let's move on to, perhaps, the most resonant news of the world of modules. Uli Beringer at the forum spoke about his company's plans of releasing a line of eurorack-modules based on the schematic and design of the Roland System 100M, at a price of less than $100 per module. The executive director of Behringer also put the design sketches of 13 modules online, among which you can find an oscillator, a filter, a sequencer, a parametric equalizer and much more. Which one of the presented modules the company will release is not clear yet, but it surely is only the beginning of their entry on the module market. Uli also said that he is looking for cooperation with the module developers, to which he is ready to provide assistance in production.

Published: 01:39 05.05.2018
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