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Kurzweil SP6 is so close to Forte SE

Kurzweil SP6 is so close to Forte SE

Kurzweil has released SP6. The architecture of the portable and light 88-note keyboard is based on the LENA digital signal processor. Kurzweil SP6 adopted the essential characteristics of Forte SE, continuing the tradition of Forte and PC3 series.

Kurzweil SP6Kurzweil SP6 offers a Medeli K6 keyboard with weighted keys and hammer mechanics, unlike Forte SE, which offers a Fatar keyboard. SP6 is equipped with 4 arpeggiators and engine sporting 32 FX units. Two gigabytes of sounds include the High Definition voices of the Japanese and German grand pianos taken from Forte SE. In addition to the instruments, SP6 got from the popular model Kurzweil String Resonance, V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) and Flash-Play technologies.

Connectivity repeats the number of connectors offered by Forte SE: MIDI in/out, three pedal jacks, balanced audio outputs, headphone output and two USB ports.

Kurzweil SP6 is perfectly compatible with Forte SE software.

The new compact keyboard SP6 offers 4-zone split feature, 256 factory and 1024 user programs, as well as 130 factory and 1024 user Multi programs, 128-voice polyphony and 16-part multitimbrality, 32-bit digital-to-analog converters at the outputs, fast access to your saved sounds with 5 Favorites buttons and to any parameter thanks to 4 assignable knobs.

Kurzweil SP6 is promised to be shipping in the early autumn of 2017.

Tags: digital piano, Kurzweil, SP6, Forte SE, Artis, PC3, Fatar, Medeli K6, V.A.S.T.

Published: 19:49 15.09.2017
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