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NAMM 2018: Korg volca mix

NAMM 2018: Korg volca mix

Korg has got some info leaked about its new product which might be announced officially as a NAMM 18 piece of news. Volca mix is a mini mixer capable of powering and mixing up to 3 volca units. There are not so many details about the device though the photo has something to share with us.

NAMM 2018 might demonstrate another product developed by Korg. It has already been announced officially though some enticing facts have leaked before.

The new product is going to be a new unit for the volca series. The official source claim it to be called a Korg volca mix. The instrument represents a mixer for other volca devices. Up to 3 volca instrument can be powered and mixed by volca mix.

The image ensures such connectivity features as stereo headphone and RCA stereo line outputs (can be used simultaneously) as well as two mono and one stereo input, Aux In. There will be master tempo and sync controls, and stereo speakers integrated onboard.

You can combine multiple volca units with a 4-channel analog mixer. There are volume faders as well as gain control and mute buttons provided. LO/HI CUT knobs per channel provide you with easy frequency tweaking.

The master effects are full analog. Dynamic range compressor and side chain efect are integrated. Volca mix can interface external gear successfully thanks to already mentioned Aux In (can be applied as a stereo input), stereo mini-jack send out and send level knobs per channel. Use volca mix as a sync master device connecting external gear for tempo sync and with a tempo knob you can control the sync signal.

There's a LED VU meter integrated in a master volume allowing for accurate adjusting the output level. You get VOLCA DC OUT jacks and DC cables offered which provide the actual power for the volca units (up to 3 can be connected).

Volca mix is going to ship in January priced at $169.

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Published: 13:26 18.01.2018
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