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Korg introduces KR-55 Pro rhythm machine

Korg introduces KR-55 Pro rhythm machine

Korg KR-55 Pro is a new rhythm machine delivering real drums and simple control. Drums/percussion were recorded live by professional musicians and each style offers multiple patterns. Korg's proprietory Acoustage technology as well as Real Groove Technology ensure high quality sound while basic but necessary functions integrated onboard will meet all your needs.

KORG KR-55 ProKorg introduces KR-55 Pro - a new rhythm machine. It’s based on drums recorded live with the proprietory Real Groove Technology which are easy to use thanks to a comprehensive built-in mixer/recorder. The technology works with real drum recordings performed at a different tempo. KR-55 Pro is perfect for those who need live drums and who don’t want to get busy with complex programming.

The instrument includes 24 rhythm/percussion styles (each comprises multiple patterns), which are suitable for any genre. Each detail is adeptly tuned and reproduces the real performing to the smallest detail. Chain function allows you to create endless accompaniment with automatic playback. Brand technology Korg Acoustage takes surround sound to a new level of quality. The device supports pedal control, offers a built-in metronome and a tuner.

The drum machine integrates high-quality reverb and equalizer. You can record your own performance during playback of the chosen rhythm style. The device supports multi-track recording. KR-55 has the function of an audio player onboard reading files from an SD card.

Connectivity is represented by a few jacks, including Input 1/2, XLR (can be used as a mic input), Aux In supporting stereo. 6 AA batteries allow up to 7 hours of standalone mode.

For the first time Korg released KR55 drum machine in 1979. The rhythm machine did not have a built-in effects processor or some multifunctionality but offered 96 patterns covering many styles and genres. The preset-based instrument, however, featured several useful possibilities for managing the sounds, for example, Swing Beat responsible for creating groove variations and independent level control for each pattern.

Tags: Korg, drums, NAMM 2018, KR-55 Pro, rhythm machine, percussion, Acoustage, Real Groove Technology

Published: 20:01 18.01.2018
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