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KORG ARP Odyssey Module - Is All True!

KORG ARP Odyssey Module - Is All True!

Odyssey module has been officially announced by Korg Corporation. Technically the desktop module KORG ARP Odyssey replicates accurately the keyboard version – there’s only one difference. And which one you’ll know in a minute.

KORG ARP Odyssey ModuleA couple of days ago we wrote about the photos which seemed to get on the Internet by accident – we talk about KORG ARP Odyssey desktop module, the photos were uploaded and then quickly deleted. Let’s not put ourselves into guessing whether it did happen by accident or was an intentional teaser because right now it doesn’t matter at all. Odyssey module has been officially announced by Korg Corporation. So anyone who truly loves ARP and truly hate all the kinds of mini keys (Odyssey shared the same key type with minilogue) can finally forget about this nuisance and quickly pre-order the dream-unit – be ready to pay $600-700.

Besides a bit different casing and the lack of the keyboard, technically KORG ARP Odyssey desktop module replicates its elder “keyboard” brother which in its turn is a decent clone of the original ARP Odyssey. It’s a duophonic analog synthesizer embracing a classic architecture – it sports a fully analog path, 2 VCOs generating a sine, sawtooth waveforms and featuring S&H; 1 LFO, white and pink noise generator; 2 envelope generators (optional AD/ADSR).

There are two casings devised – Rev1 (white) and Rev3 (black with orange silk-screening). Rev2 as a keyboard version has slightly any difference. Though there’s one distinction. The module will have Pitch Bend control implementation possibility via MIDI and that’s great. The progeny should always be better than its procreator.

Now to the comparison:
That’s the original ARP Odyssey.
That’s KORG ARP Odyssey – keyboard version and KORG ARP Odyssey Module – desktop version.

Published: 22:55 04.09.2016
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