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Knobcon №6

Knobcon №6

The synthesizer convention Knobcon hits its 6th year. Enjoy the performances, workshops and vendors, talk with developers and have a grip on the newest info you’ll devour while getting introduced to the equipment. To visit the event go to Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. If you’re a fan of electronic-based or experimental music it’s the venue you’ll be happy to be a part of.

Tom Oberheim, a synth pioneer, is invited as a guest of honor and keynote speaker teaching you how to solder and build your own synthesizer.

Knobcon 2017 will be there for you from 8 to 10 of September.

The first day holds an Opening Reception – come to Sapphire Pavilion.

The second day offers you:

  • Exhibits
  • Informative Workshops
  • TASCAM Demo Derby
  • DIY Workshops
  • Bug Out Bunker
  • Knobcon Banquet
  • Tom Oberheim Keynote Address
  • Knobcon Supper Club All-Stars
  • Knobcon Big Room
  • International Players Club

On the 9th of September you’ll meet Youtube video guru Marc Doty talking on the basics of synthesis, Jon Sonnenberg demonstrating ways that randomness and probability can be tamed and trained in electronic music production and performance, Mr. Boddicker, a highly proficient session musician and film composer, working on Michael Jackson to No Doubt recordings, Winston Edwards of Texas-based Balcones Distilling giving a “neat shot course” in how to taste whiskey.

The third day will serve you with the same amount of the finely selected Exhibits, Informative Workshops, TASCAM Demo Derby, DIY Workshops, and Bug Out Bunker. Enjoy Marc Doty’s presentation of one of those unfairly underrated - Harald Bode and his part in the electronic music history, Chicagoland-based plate reverb craftsman William Beith’s narrative of how reverberation developed in recorded music in the 20th century and mechanics role behind the ambience.

Knobcon tickets' cost was $40 in August, now in September you should pay $50.

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Published: 08:12 02.09.2017
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