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UNO Synth - powerful low-cost analogue synthesizer by IK Multimedia

UNO Synth - powerful low-cost analogue synthesizer by IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia has released an analog synthesizer for everyone - UNO Synth. It has a rather fat sound, it has everything you need for beginners in subtractive synthesis, and even a sequencer. In addition, it is very compact, has an intuitive control and costs only $199!

IK Multimedia UNO Synth

Right before the beginning of the Berlin exhibition of musical equipment Superbooth 2018, IK Multimedia released the announcement of its first hardware synthesizer UNO Synth, which is, besides, a full-fledged analog instrument.

UNO Synth - miniature monophonic synthesizer, which produces a fat sound and has the functionality, comparable to much more expensive tools. The purpose of its creation was to provide the ability to work with analog sound to the masses, which in addition to the price is facilitated by a very user-friendly interface.

Inside this small box you can detect a completely analog audio path with two oscillators (VCO), a white noise generator, a multimode filter (LPF 12dB/oct&HPF), and an amplifier. Main oscillators can produce three waveforms (saw, triangle and square) with the possibility of pulse width modulation for a square wave shape, and the continuos waveform change.

A 2-pole filter can operate in three modes: a low-pass filter, a high-pass filter, a bandpass filter. The instrument contains also a LFO operating with the sine, triangle, saw, square, random (S&H) waveforms. It can modulate the waveform of oscillators, VCA, the filter and pitch. In addition to the basic wave processing, UNO Synth also has an overdrive effect that can help add harmonics and the sound fatter.

The synthesizer comes with a hundred presets, 80 of which can be rewritten, saving your own patches. 20 are factory presets than cannot be rewritten. On the front panel of the synthesizer there are 40 controls, a 27-key keyboard with multi-tap support, and a small 3-digit display for displaying parameter changes.

The synthesizer will go on sale in July 2018, but now it can be pre-ordered, and if you do it, you will receive free shipping as a bonus.

Published: 22:15 02.05.2018
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