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Gotharman's new duoSpaze synth

Gotharman's new duoSpaze synth

The Gotharman company presented its new two-voice multi-timbral synthesizer/sampler duoSpaze, which in essence is a smaller version of PolySpaze — four-voice synthesizer from the same company. 

The instrument consists of two synthesizer and two sampler parts. Each synthesizer part has two oscillators. One of them has a transformable waveform, a PWM and can FM-modulate the other oscillator. The second oscillator also has a PWM and it can be synchronized with the first one. Besides, it can produce such waveforms as sine, triangular, saw and square. It can also play the role of a noise generator.

There are two samplers in duoSpaze, divided into two parts for convenience, each contains a sampler. The starting point of the sample can be adjusted and modulated, the final point can be adjusted as well. Also, you can apply FM-modulation from oscillators to samples, and its quantity can be controlled.

In addition to oscillators and samplers, parts of duoSpaze contain:

  • 4 analog filters (2 low-frequency, 2 high-frequency), which can be applied to any part of the instrument
  • 2 digital filters with 16 types to choose from, and, with the possibility of morphing between them
  • 6 effects processors, including granular effects, reverbs, delays, chorus, resonator, distortion and more
  • 4 amplifiers (VCA), one in each part
  • 8 ASDR envelopes, two in each part
  • 4 low frequency oscillators (LFO) with a transformable waveform, they can be applied to any part of the instrument
  • 4 random oscillators, can be assigned to any parameter and modulated with LFO

You can assign filters and effects to the audio matrix using the touch interface. The device also has a sequencer and many more useful and interesting functions like morphing between two layers of sound, randomization, copying and so on. A set of branded percussion samples and presets comes with the device. duoSpaze is a fairly interesting tool that allows you to create multi-layered sounds and patterns, changing and processing them on the go. Although the synthesizer will go on sale in July, you can pre-order it right now. Its price is 850 euros.

Published: 22:26 03.05.2018
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