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Genesis 1: Futuristic Or Simply Doomed?

Genesis 1: Futuristic Or Simply Doomed?

Musicians have been struggling to find the solution to one tricky problem: how to compose without a computer, immerse yourself into music, get rid of displays or mouse clicking but keep all the vital functions they got used to and became addicted to. 2BTruman created Genesis 1 first of all for himself innovatively combining the functionality any DAW could give you with that nice and real joy of playing a musical instrument.

2BTruman Genesis 1 SynthesizerThe futuristic synthesizer created by an electronic musician 2BTruman looks like it was taken straight from a retro sci-fi movie. The device with two big touch screens operates with the help of built-in Mac Mini and running Ableton Live which is almost unrecognizable due to HTML5 interface. Genesis 1 sounds quite the way it looks – its ability to generate this illusory mystical sonic flow would surely please any composer who made soundtrack to some horror B movie in the 1960s.

The concept is easy to explain – the creator says that he wanted to distract himself from the computer completely and focus on actual music. First you need to prepare your sounds and loops as well as to set the parameters making all the needed changes and then you just dive into the beautiful cryptic elusive music creation process.

2Btruman was willing to build an analog machine featuring almighty software (here we have Ableton Live support). Genesis 1 allows you to trigger a number of patches with a number of keys which gracefully results in tracks carrying compound progression.

Synthesizer connectivity features 8 audio inputs and 8 outputs for multichannel sound processing as well as 8 USB for impressive catch-all integration with MIDI controllers. 2Btruman is not going to perform on stage with this omnipotent monster – it will serve him as the best friend for a VJ in making shows, in cinemas, where the 4K resolution is used.

Despite the multifunctionality Genesis 1 is still quite a wonder – is there any target audience? The synth leaves us puzzled. It’s not a stage keyboard, not a studio equipment unit (real time music creation is emphasized), it’s an audiovisual device custom-made for someone who needs to make shows with striking visuals. Of course one 2Btruman can’t be considered the target audience that’s why Genesis 1 is not a matter of mass production. Anyway it is a self-sufficient instrument aimed at a certain kind of use and activity – it could be easily applied in any of the biggest commercial shows.

Published: 23:27 11.10.2016
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