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Polyphonic Pocket Interactive Synthesizer Gecho Loopsynth

Polyphonic Pocket Interactive Synthesizer Gecho Loopsynth

Gechologic is raising funds for their Kickstarter project, which is a polyphonic pocket synthesizer with interactive controls. A micro instrument is an open platform for incredible music experiments.

Gecho LoopsynthGecho Loopsynth offers sensors instead of knobs. There are microphones highly sensitive to the singing or whistling. This device produces wonderful chords taking the signal through the group of resonant filters. Though environmental noise can interfere and lead to some unwanted outcoming sound.

Once inspired by the simple music box Mario Ilecko, an Irish designer of Gecho, decided to implement his idea in a new project. In a press of a button Gecho starts its music quite as a music box does. But the functional part is surely much more versatile than that of a music toy.

Soon Gecho Loopsynth will have MIDI and USB features added as well.

The instrument is available as a DIY kit for €85. An assembled one costs €128.

Published: 15:25 28.12.2016
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