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New Eurorack Modules From Tiptop Audio, Bubblesound, Qu-Bit Electronix And Others

New Eurorack Modules From Tiptop Audio, Bubblesound, Qu-Bit Electronix And Others

New modules short review: modular system market grows fast and wide making Eurorack one of the most favourite words for synth fans. Please welcome the newcomers - Qu-Bit Electronix Rhythm pattern generator, Tiptop Audio QuantiZer oscillator, Bubblesound DiOD Steiner Parker filter, Endorphines Grand Terminal, Tonestar Studio Electronics module as well as Ants! project of Plankton Electronics and Belgrad filter of XAOC.

Eurorack Modules Oct/ Nov 2016

Rhythm is a 4-channel pattern generator with a BPM display. It goes with a variety of genre-oriented rhythms which can be changed at your taste. Each parameter is voltage controlled that’s why the number of signal transformations is practically unlimited. The interface is great for a complex drum beat creation and it exempts you from that intricate patching necessity. Rhythm includes such details as clock dividers, random gates and internal / external clocking capabilities with assignable PPQN settings.

Tiptop Audio QuantiZer offers DSP controlled analog oscillators. At the centre of its front panel there’s a slider with which you can control and play notes or you can use a 12-note keyboard to play notes with your fingers. Notes entered manually on the keyboard or using the slider are recorded and played back with a built in sketch pad being synced with an external clock and reset signal or TipTop’s SyncBus which combines QuantiZer function and Circadian Rhythms to get an accurate playback. Quantization offers Trigger mode for even more amusing interaction with external sequencers. QuantiZer guarantees really stable CV quantization minimizing the disruptions at the input and securing conversion delay not longer than half a millisecond. The firmware is updated via USB.

DiOD Filter is a 4HP module with a wide range from soft to harsh and chaotic sonic outcome resurrected that classic Steiner Parker Diode filter providing modern in/out buffers which help to reduce noise significantly. It’s quite applicable for stereo processing as well as highly resonant phaser effect creating.

Eurorack Modules Oct/ Nov 2016 2

Not so long ago Endorphines released Grand Terminal – complex Eurorack module which if paired with a standalone oscillator can form a self-sufficient synthesizer. Grand Terminal features such specs as a double multimode filter (ladder, diode, lpg, state variable, comb) offering stereo or serial combination; "Cabin Pressure" ambient effects stereo processor (from scintillant halls and reverbs to bouncing and echoing tape delays and choruses); separate mono and linear stereo outs for recording or headphones connection; simple update via USB; in/out 48 kHz 16 bit audio.

Studio Electronics Tonestar was inspired with the legendary ARP 2600 and pre-patched the way Pearlman did it. Though it’s not a 2600 clone. Tonestar is stable and offers great wide range tracking. Sustain control a bit copies 2600 and Odyssey behaviour: right after decay it slowly starts to immerse adding the textures – a technical flaw which happened to be such a desirable signal processing effect. Tonestar has a well-thought-out patching – you can literally patch however you want even if it doesn’t seem traditionally appropriate, for example: pulse wave output can be mixed with ADSR output which will end up in a quite unexpected x-mod/notch filter effect. The goal of Studio Electronics was apparently to built a module with a single oscillator, 2600-like analog filter, unusually though marvelously pre-patched idea (by Greg St. Regis) but also offering patch cords to make you feel absolutely free and imaginative. Tonestar will be a good instrument for bass and lead lines and will do great as a high quality but simple module getting you through all the sound generation stages.

Eurorack Modules Oct/ Nov 2016 3

Plankton Elektronics launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds for their Ants! – an affordable multipurpose module. The key advantages of the device are highlighted by its developers – analog origin, 100% compatibility with Eurorack voltage controlled systems, portability, functionality and affordability (just a share of the price tag other similar synths have). Well, getting to know it better: 4 VCOs, 2 LFOs, VCF (if the input signal is too loud it gets a bit distorted; self-oscillation; can sound crystal clear or profoundly warped), 2 A/R envelopes, mixer with 3 inputs, 2 VCAs, white noise, MIDI/CV converter, 49 patch points, 28 potentiometers, 5 switches and 8 LEDs. Backers get it first, overall the starting price is $419.

XAOC also has news for us. Belgrad became another revolutionary step in dual-peak filters progress offering maximal pleasure and convenience in use also featuring an intuitive control: from classic shifts to formant roar and resonant whistle. Belgrad let you control the balance and frequency shifts of its two resonant peaks. The filter features 10 modes and a number of CV outputs.

Published: 19:19 09.12.2016
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