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A modular system from Erica Synths for $ 3999 will be released in September!

A modular system from Erica Synths for $ 3999 will be released in September!

Erica Synths named the release date of its modular system, focused on techno and industrial artists. Techno System consists of 15 modules for various purposes and will go on sale on September 21 this year at a price of 3999 euros.

Erica Synths Techno System

Erica Synths, a small Latvian company specializing in the development and production of eurorack format modules, first showed the Techno System as part of the Superbooth 2018. Then all interested could see and appreciate the sound of the prototype of such a system, which was not yet fully completed. Techno System consists of 15 modules, each of which Erica Synths plans to discuss in detail in the very near future.

The equipment of Techno System:

  • Erica Synths Travel Case - aluminum case (550x280x140mm, holds 2x104HP modules), containing a power supply with 60 connectors for modules.
  • Bass Drum - a bass percussion module that has a massive and piercing sound, as well as a set of functions useful for the musician (for example, control over pitch, fade and drive with CV), which allow to achieve expressive sound during recording or live performances.
  • Snare Drum - a working drum module with sharp sound and the ability to control the tone, color of the noise, click and envelope signal.
  • Toms - a tom module that has three toms with different pitches and the ability to adjust pitch and fade, as well as tone adjustment with CV.
  • Clap - a fairly simple module of clap, which allows you to adjust the tone and attenuation of the signal, as well as the depth of impact of CV on the tone.
  • Stereo Drum Mixer - a mixer with 4 inputs, the first of which can be panned, and the second one is a mono / stereo input with a 6 dB increase in volume.
  • Drum Mixer - a mixer with 7 inputs and a built-in compressor for achieving a denser percussion sound, it also has sends for connecting external effects.
  • Drum Mixer Lite - a more compact version of Drum Mixer, which has the same functionality, but 6 inputs.
  • Dual Drive - extremely necessary for obtaining a dirty sound overdrive module, consisting of two identical parts, in each of which you can adjust the gain, drive, and also switch between the three available sound characters.
  • Drum Sequencer is a fairly easy-to-use 64-step sequencer with extremely rich functionality, with 16 trigger, 12 accent outputs, 2 LFOs with synchronized frequency and many useful functions.
  • Hi-hats D - a hi-hat module, with a sound similar to the classic 909 hats.
  • Cymbals - a cymbals module that allows you to select and edit the sound of ride and crash.
  • Modulator - modulation module, which is also a source of tonal noise.
  • Link - a switching module that has 5 inputs / outputs and does not consume power.
  • Dual FX - an effects processor with 2x8 effects and the ability to control two parameters and the ratio of the processed and pure signal for each effect.
  • Bassline is an analog module for generating bass lines with fat sound, it has a resonant filter and the ability to control the pitch, waveform, loudness of the self-oscillator, and the level of frequency modulation.
  • Sample Drum - a sampler designed to work with percussion sounds, having a basic set of functions for editing samples.

Many percussion modules are created in cooperation with the French company e-licktronick and represent the time-tested analog circuits, adapted for modular instruments. In all percussion modules, there is the possibility of both manual and CV trigger, and accentuation is also available, also with the help of CV.

In general, all the modules presented by Erica Synths do not have anything extraordinary, however, they sound pretty good and work well together. The Techno System is a really powerful modular system, well functioning both within the studio and on the stage, but is it worth its money?

Published: 11:26 02.09.2018
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