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Erica Synths Pico Line Got New Modules

Erica Synths Pico Line Got New Modules

Latvian manufacturer Erica Synths developers announced the release of 4 new Eurorack modules which make up a part of Pico line. Among the new designs there are such modular synthesizers as SEQS, Logic, A Logic and DSP. While creating these products Erica Synths engineers were aimed to make perfect multifunctional 3HP module solutions affordable. Let’s have a look whether they succeed.

Erica Synths PicoThe first unit of the series - Pico SEQS - was designed to create soundscape and modulate through integration with other sound sources. This module represents an innovative 4-channel sequential switch with sophisticated control over channel switching. SEQS operation is about combining clock and (or) CV signals in order to advance to next step and measure the actual number of steps. The module has 4 switchers, 1 simultaneous switch, external clock and CV input as well as chanel status indication LEDs.
The price of the module is €70.

The next series hero is Logic – a Boolean logic module which allows to manage a few Gate signals at a time. Thanks to Erica Synths engineers the design of the instrument cosily embraces 2x8 logic algorithms in such a tiny 3HP module.
Logic comprised 2 independent IN and OUT sections with the possibility of their interaction (as well as of 8 logic algorithms per section) and features mode and output signal indication via RGB LEDs.
The price tag is €80.

A Logic (or a CERN Hadron Collider for CVs - as Erica Synths call it) allows to receive 2 CV inputs and outputs summing and differencing them right off as well as fixing curves of minimal and maximal value (of both CVs).
The module incorporates 2 CV/audio INs, simultaneous outputs for working with CV signals (SUM, DIFF, MAX, MIN) as well as output signal control LEDs.
The price tag is €70.

DSP module is a stripped-down version of quite renowned Black Hole DSP. It included 8 editable effects with 2 adjustable parameters (first parameter is CV controlled).
DSP enables Dry/Wet control, gives us stereo outputs and LED indication to manage and track the effects.
It’ll cost you €120.

Published: 12:01 28.11.2016
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