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Mighty Dreadbox NYX

Mighty Dreadbox NYX

Dreadbox have announced their paraphonic analog module NYX! This instrument is surely unique owing to its reverb effect produced by Crazy Tube Circuits. Guys from Dreadbox have also promised that the demo video would be uploaded till 21 December. Coming soon!

Dreadbox NYXAnyway before getting started on waiting for all NYX specs while listening to the lovely demo track (right down the text) let’s see why there is so much stir about this module.

First of all it’s an analog paraphonic synthesizer. The point of such kind of instruments is to offer just one filter and amplifier with an envelope generator for all the voices instead of having an envelope for each. Dreadbox NYX possesses 2 VCO with separate glide regulators, a triangle LFO, a triple envelope generator which can also be used as an LFO or make open route control possible.

The reverb effect giving to the instrument that warm vintage sound was adopted from Crazy Tube Circuits Splash Mk3.

NYX has 15 CV ins/outs, MIDI-Thru and MIDI-In included in its set of possibilities.

NYX named after a Greek goddess of night Νυχτα who together with Erebus famed thanks to Dreadbox as well saw the creation of the world is surely a must-have.

The module will get its “order now” status less than in a month (the middle of January 2017). Dreadbox has also come with a special offer: for those who pre-order till the end of December it will cost €555.

Published: 08:43 19.12.2016
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