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The prices for Deepmind synths from Behringer are 30% lower now!

The prices for Deepmind synths from Behringer are 30% lower now!

The other day prices for the Deepmind synthesizers line from Behringer fell by 30% on Amazon. The line includes two analog synths: Deepmind 6 and Deepmind 12 (a regular and a desktop versions), which now cost $499, $699 and $599 respectively.

Behringer DeepMind

For the time being, it is not clear due to what reason the prices fell, as there have been no official statements from Behringer, but there are several assumptions. Some believe that the drop in prices is due to the failure of the company's project of managing the parameters of synthesizers with the help of Augmented Reality technology, some think that the company is probably planning to release a new synthesizer (for example, Deepmind 24) within the same line, or this is all associated with a downgrade of the company in connection with the proceedings of Behringer and Dave Smith Instruments. A variant with the desire of Behringer to "subvert" the market of modern analog synthesizers is not excluded as well. It is also possible, of course, that this is all about competitiveness of these instruments in the context of the modern synthesizer market, where it becomes more and more trendy to reduce prices and increase product functionality.

Of course, whatever the reasons, the news, at first glance, is pleasant for many, and in this connection we will remind you what the instruments of the Deepmind line are. They are quite powerful and fatty sounding for their price analog synthesizers with digital control, the following parameters of which are worth noting:

  • 6/12 voices of polyphony with two oscillators per voice;
  • 2 play modes - unison and polyphonic, in which there is a feature of detuning and panning;
  • 4 processor effects from TC Electronic and Klark Teknik, which include more than 30 processing algorithms, including reverbs, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay and a multi-band distortion;
  • 3 ADSR envelopes per voice to control the amplifier and filter;
  • 2 LFO (low frequency oscillator) per voice with 7 waveforms and the ability to synchronize via MIDI;
  • An analog resonance filter with a cutoff depth of 12/24 dB;
  • 8-channel switching matrix with 19 sources and more than 130 assignments, among which are the effect parameters;
  • 32-step sequencer with MIDI synchronization;
  • An arpeggiator with editable user patterns;
  • Noise generator;
  • LCD-display with encoders for fast navigation and convenient control.

Oscillators in the synthesizer can be synchronized, the first generates a sawtooth and square wave with the possibility of pulse-width modulation, the second has only a square wave shape and pitch modulation.

The synthesizer memory can store up to 1024 presets, and you can control parameters in addition to the knobs via the iPad / PC / Mac via USB or MIDI bus. As to the commutation, the synthesizer has an input for the expression pedal or CV, as well as the stereo output.

The prices hasn’t changed at all the musical equipment stores yet, of course, but the process is launched and the price reduction affects not only Amazon.

It remains only to believe that by pulling the blanket over himself, Beringer will not regret that he is left alone with crowds of dumping fans who will no longer accept other prices from him, except for minimal ones, for any other oncoming musical instruments. As well as to believe that searchers of cheap synthesizers will not be left with the choice of "Beringer" or "clone based on Roland (Mug, ARP, etc.) from Beringer".

Published: 00:36 08.08.2018
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