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Digital effects processor BOSS MD-500 will help to create music masterpieces

Digital effects processor BOSS MD-500 will help to create music masterpieces

The new device allows you to overlay all the basic types of effects, as well as brand ones, for example Slicer. MD-500 is equipped with a high-quality 32-bit floating point ADC/DAC system offering 96 kHz sampling rate and has 12 modes featuring 28 different unique modulation algorithms.


The new expanded ultra-versatile model MD-500 by BOSS, according to the manufacturer, will allow you to achieve practically any modulation effect. Acquiring the device, the buyer receives a high-quality 32-bit floating point ADC/DAC system featuring 96 kHz sampling rate and offering a rich sound palette for creating musical masterpieces.

When purchasing MD-500, the user becomes the owner of the device equipped with a top notch ADC/DAC with a 32-bit floating point and 96 kHz sampling rate.

MD-500 boasts 12 modes with 28 different modulation algorithms, and each of them was designed specifically for this model. The user will find here a number of standard effects: chorus, vibrato, flanger, phase shift, tremolo, rotary, ring modulation. There are auto wah and touch wah effects, as well as BOSS brand patterns, such as Slicer and Overtone. Slicer supports the ability of custom patterns programming.

For the new BOSS model, standard effects like chorus, flanger and phaser were updated sporting improved new Prime algorithms. It is worth noting that some effects have parameters that have never been previously seen among the settings of the BOSS instruments.
MD-500 operates with a high-quality 32-bit D/A/D converter and 96 kHz sampling rate and produces a high-level sound that is superior to that achieved by digital processors used in professional studios. Pedals can be customized by selecting buffered or true-bypass.

The device has a large liquid crystal display, which indicates useful information quite clearly. The screen allows you to view the settings and make deeper editing navigating the functions of the device. The "grab-and-go" controls on the control panel will help you to work with basic settings, for example, with depth and effect level, and also give access to two control settings that vary depending on the selected effect. USB will allow you to interact with the free version of the MD-500 editor on your PC, so you can edit and manipulate other files remotely.

The A/B Simul mode makes management easier facilitating the simultaneous use of two patches. MD-500 supports pedal control and amplification to adjust the effects for each patch. For example, you can apply phaser or classic vibe before the drive pedal in one patch, and chorus or flanger after it in the next one. By setting A/B Simul mode, you can loop two different modular effects.

Freely assignable actuators and a convenient real-time control system allow MD-500 to shine with expression while keeping the efficiency at a proper level. A, B and TAP/CTL are responsible for selection and patch/bank bypass by default, as well as feature tap tempo rate control and real-time settings. There is an opportunity, for example, of customization of the switches for accessing three different mod patches, A/B Simul mode and other functions.

MD-500 modes and algorithms

  • Chorus - four types: Prime, CE-1 Chorus, CE-1 Vibrato and TRI-CHO.
  • Flanger – types: Prime G (for guitar) and Prime B (for bass).
  • Phaser – types: Prime G (for guitar), Prime B (for bass) and Script.
  • Classic Vibe – types: Chorus (mixed output) and Vibrato (effects only).
  • Vibrato – types: Prime and Scanner (tonewheel organ-style vibrato).
  • Tremolo - Prime T and Prime P, plus Twin and Deluxe amp-style tremolo.
  • Dimension - recreates the legendary Roland SDD-320 Dimension D rack; includes four original sound modes, a new fifth mode, and also allows saving any combination of modes.
  • Ring Mod is a classic and intelligent mode for increasing clarity while playing scales.
  • Rotary is a rotary speaker with slow and fast speeds.
  • Auto wah and touch wah (with independent types, optimized for guitar and bass), plus a pattern type filter.
  • Slicer is the original BOSS effect based on Slicer SL-20, with programmable parameters not available in SL-20.
  • Overtone is also a BOSS brand effect based on MO-2 Multi Overtone. Here, MDP technology is used to change the pitch and harmonic characteristics of the input signal which makes it possible to create unique new sound textures.

Published: 13:31 11.07.2017
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