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BOSS GT-1B is a handy portable effects processor for bass musicians

BOSS GT-1B is a handy portable effects processor for bass musicians

BOSS announced its new GT-1B - a convenient portable device for bass musicians. With GT-1B, the buyer gets a set of quality patches to create unique compositions.

BOSS GT-1BGT-1B operation is based on the latest BOSS sound engine tuned for bass. You can use its wide range of preamps for processing the original waveform, including updated and most popular among GT-10B ones, plus two new models. Quality MDP effects, such as Limiter and Distortion, improve the technology, giving a certain character to the device. GT-1B owners will also get a graphic equalizer, T-Wah and other important functions, as well as such effects as Harmonist, Bass Synth, Defretter and others. Besides, there are a set of mod, delay and reverb effects and even a looper for jamming and on-the-go creativity installed.

An attractive feature of the new device is its mobility. BOSS devised GT-1B for touring bassists - the device is lightweight and compact, so it is ideal to be taken with you and will do its best in uncomfortable conditions. At the same time, the designers were thoughtful about the shape of the housing, so the device fits the space for the accessories of the bass bag quite easily, and the sharp edges will not cause trouble, because the device has none of them.

The creative atmosphere and joyful creation of music tracks will be facilitated by the intuitive interface of GT-1B, even a beginner who just got acquainted with multi-effects will be able to cope with the settings. There is the possibility of instant access to editing each category of effects which can be configured right off with the help of three panel buttons. The same buttons can be used both as on/off switches, as well as status indicators for functions that allow you to see the categories which are active. Easy Select and Easy Edit simplify the process of creating patches - this will help both beginners and professionals to achieve perfectly processed sounds with a few effects, using some tricks.

GT-1B kit includes a rich selection of patches, which were preconfigured by the best bass masters. These patches can be a great start for advanced players who like to create their own tunes.

GT-1B has three elaborate pedal switches that will help you select patches, access the tuner, control the looper and so on. CTL1 switch is freely assigned to functions such as velocity sensitivity, effects on/off and many others, and the foot switch controls volume, wah, pitch shift by default as well as other effects. To provide even greater control of BOSS, a jack was provided for connecting up to two external pedal switches.

You can get the access to the full-featured GT-1B editor, as well as integrated access to all patch collections in BOSS Tone Central (available in September 2017) with the free BOSS Tone Studio software. In addition, the USB connector will help in recording tones directly to the DAW.

GT-1B is a wall-wart unit which can be also powered by a battery. Four AA batteries will provide about seven hours of playback.

Published: 13:28 13.07.2017
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