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Behringer's clones based on Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330 and Oberheim OB-Xa

Behringer's clones based on Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330 and Oberheim OB-Xa

A little bit more details about Behringer clones were featured. Oberheim OB-Xa and Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330 appear to be the prototypes of the company's new products. Behringer keeps on giving out teasers announcing nuance after nuance though no information on release date.

Some details on Behringer clones got announced. The units became personalized or better to say now we’re aware of which instruments they impersonate. Behringer UB-Xa represents Oberheim’s OB-Xa. The date of release is unknown due to complexity of the project and time the development may take. The synth is only entering the production stage at the moment.

12 months have been mentioned by Uli concerning possible terms of engineering and constructing. The clone is not considered to be a company’s mainstream product and commercial interest, the unit will be treated properly with affection and is regarded as a project Behringer’s colleagues enjoy creating.

Authenticity and affordability are the key ideas. The makers of DeepMind12 will be responsible for the instrument development process.

Another product is the clone of Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330. The layout is going to be quite similar. There are not many details shared officially. The photo of the connectivity features was uploaded.

Behringer hasn’t announced any release dates for any of the company’s upcoming devices and as we know the list is impressive.

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Published: 19:28 11.01.2018
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