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Behringer DeepMind 12 Is Announced

Behringer DeepMind 12 Is Announced

A 12-voice Behringer DeepMind 12 is threatening to become one of the most sophisticated analog synthesizers on the modern musical instruments market. Besides the impressive polyphony, Behringer offers a great palette of effects which can be used in various combinations surprising your imagination and setting free your creative potential. The structure features 4 FX channels. Each of the 4 FX units features 33 algorithms from Klark Teknik and TC Electronic. The range of effects includes chorus, dual pitch, rack amp, delay, reverb, flanger, enhancer and others. Each effect allows profound editing helping with altering sounds the way you like. For example, rack amp numbers up to 9 parameters. Digital signal processing algorithms are delivered by Klark Teknik and TC Electronic. Layering the effects which have been a little or completely transformed (it might be in next order: chorus, amplifier, delay and one of the reverb types (like Hall reverb for example)) has already impressed with the result and inspired the first lucky owners of this product who were captivated by DeepMind 12 while investigating the synth and claimed the outcoming sound to be lively and fathomless.

The developers of the instrument have thought about iPad making an application which would control the effects. The system also supports Wi-Fi. Many possibilities and specs have been kept in secret. We’re still waiting to know about all the capabilities of the front panel knobs and looking forward to learning about the price.

According to Uli Behringer DeepMind 12 numbers up to 4000 components. “With approx. 4,000 components, the DeepMind12 is one of the most complex synthesizers that has ever been built,” Behringer claims. “Due to its discrete design structure, it has vastly more components than you will likely find in any of the current synthesizers on the market.” Despite the eagerness of other brands to rely on specific audience Behringer claims that there’s no need to compromise on quality and he doesn’t want to give “fewer for less” in order to keep up with other companies.

What we already know about DeepMind 12:

  • Classic looks and layout design
  • 12-voice polyphony
  • Digitally controlled analog synthesizer
  • 24 oscillators (2 DCOs and 2 LFOs per voice)
  • Synth type 4-octave/49-note keyboard with aftertouch
  • 4 FX units with 33 algorithms
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and iPad application
  • Nice display and multitask control panel

DeepMind 12 official release is supposed to hit the date of 20 August.

Published: 09:35 30.07.2016
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