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At the Knobcon Behringer showed the prototypes of two drum machines: RD-808 and RD-909

At the Knobcon Behringer showed the prototypes of two drum machines: RD-808 and RD-909

Today we will tell you about the news that Behringer company brought to Knobcon 2018, namely about two clones of the legendary drum machines of the 80s - TR-808 and TR-909 (RD-808 and RD-909 respectively).

Behringer RD-808From September 7 to 9, Chicago hosted the seventh Knobcon 2018, one of the largest annual festivals for synthesizer fans in the world. Many companies exhibit their novelties there and boast of achievements over the past summer, and the company Behringer, which has recently been working on their synths, and allegedly actively trying to seize the market, is no exception.

The Rhythm Designer 909 prototype, brought to the festival, is the first attempt to assemble this drum machine, so many functions on the front panel were present only in the form of inscriptions with a marker. Inside the case there were boards, although the representative of Behringer did not demonstrate the device's operation because it is still at an early stage of development. The goal was to get some community reaction to the design and functional solutions available at this stage. The price and the approximate release date are still unknown, but work is in the progress.

The RD-808 prototype, like the RD-909, was in the 3D-printed case, but unlike the 909 its sound can already be roughly estimated and it is very good, I dare say, although it does not quite coincide with the TR-808.

Behringer RD-909We will remind you that this instrument is a completely analog drum machine, in contrast to the modernized re-release (TR-08) from the progenitor - the Roland company. It has 11 completely independent percussion channels, a convenient sequencer, and several differences. One of them is an analog filter, about the same as in Neutron, the other is a compressor and a shaper that can be applied to either one channel or several at once. The prototype presented at Knobcon is still not the final version of the product, but the company representative assured that only a couple of details remained to clarify and modify, so that soon the tool will go into mass production.

The exact price is yet unknown, but even with modifications it is unlikely to exceed $ 400, which can knock the ground out from under the feet of other manufacturers of drum machines. For example, Arturia until recently had problems with the implementation of DrumBrute, to the sound of which the claims of many musicians had accumulated and the situation was corrected only by the release of DrumBrute Impact. Roland also does not break sales records with his clones of iconic drum machines from the Boutique series due to miscalculations in ergonomics. At the same time, they all cost more than Behringer products, which are usually scolded for sound quality, ergonomics and overall workmanship. Well, we are looking forward to the results of the battle of producers for the purses of musicians in the era of the "new analog".

Published: 22:14 10.09.2018
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