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Bastl Instruments, Erica Synths, Dreadbox, Elektron and other module manufacturers presenting their units

Bastl Instruments, Erica Synths, Dreadbox, Elektron and other module manufacturers presenting their units

Bastl Instruments features the Thyme effects processor, Erica Synths introduces the Erica Black VCF module, Dreadbox Hades ands Elektron Octatrack MkII are shipping. Two new Kickstarter projects launched by Kvgear and KOMA Elektronik.

Whether there are shows or not the brands are ready to promote their products. The Bastl Instruments features the Thyme effects processor. The stereo effects processor is designed to explore the nuances between traditional multi-effects categories including delay, phaser, reverb, chorus, pitch shifter, multi-tap delay, tape delay, tremolo, vibrato, compressor. Each parameter has a dedicated mod source – Robot. The Robot function can deliver some eerie sound effects.

Erica Synths has recently introduced the Erica Black VCF module. The module is represented with a dual multimode filter circuit featuring a voltage controlled resonance and cutoff. The module is built on the AS3320 chip. The specs include HP, BP and LP simultaneous outputs, summing output, Link switch for controlling both VCFs (with one cutoff or resonance knob), 16-band spectrum analyser.

Dreadbox has something to offer as well - Hades which is shipping assembled or as a DIY kit. Hades is a Eurorack-compatible analogue monophonic synthesizer featuring a VCO with 2 suboctaves and 3 waveforms including pulse, saw and a double saw, 3-pole filter, 2 envelope generators, an LFO, Drive circuit and Glide control. The architecture is represented with through hole components only.

Elektron has shared some shipping details on their Octatrack MkII. The device is an 8-track sampler and sequencer. The features include 8 stereo audio tracks + 8 dedicated MIDI tracks, easy stereo sampling, two insert FX per audio track, contactless performance crossfader and more.

There’s also a Kickstarter project launched – Kvgear are presenting their Vixen mixer. The unit is developed to assist Korg volcas. 8 various purpose audio channels, there are also aux sends and returns and stereo outs. The unit can be powered by an External AC-DC power supply, internal battery or external 9 VDC battery attached to the power input jack on the Vixen.

The device is widely compatible, pay attention: ARP Odyssey, CLIPHIT, electribe, electribe sampler, KAOSS PAD KP3+, KAOSSILATOR PRO+, KR mini, KROSS, microKORG XL, microKORG XL+, microSTATION, minilogue, monologue, monotribe, MS-20 mini, Pitchblack Pro, RK-100S, tinyPIANO, Volca bass, beats, fm, keys, sample, sample OK GO edition, kick, WAVEDRUM Global Edition, WAVEDRUM Mini.

Another Kickstarter project comes from KOMA Elektronik willing to launch the new Field Kit FX. The unit features a 4-channel CV interface allowing you to alter the incoming CV signal any way you might enjoy. The structure of the device comprises 7 functional blocks which can operate with all the music elecronics recognising CVs. Field Kit FX incorporates a looper, frequency shifter, sample rate reducer/bitcrusher, digital delay, analog spring reverb, 4-channel VCA mixer, 4-step mini sequencer and envelope generator.

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Published: 21:06 11.10.2017
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