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Superbooth 17: Bastl Instruments Announces New Products

Superbooth 17: Bastl Instruments Announces New Products

A small Czech company Bastl Instruments demonstrated a few new ultra compact instruments – The Thyme effect processor, Kong drumpad signal processor, Dude 5-channel mixer and a super mini synthesizer softPop.

Superbooth 17 echoes: Bastl Instruments company had something to share with us enticing our attention with a few new products and a detailed information about them.

Bastl Instruments ThymeThe Thyme is an effects processor that is described by the brand as a “sequenceable robot operated digital tape machine”. You’ll be free to explore all the time based effects diving into the depth of their classical multi-effects categories (delay, phaser, reverb, chorus, pitch shifter, multi-tap delay, tape delay, tremolo, vibrato, compressor) plus you’ll get it in stereo – the amazing range of parameters is going to surprise you. 9 of them are here to entertain you: Tape Speed, Delay Coarse & Fine, Feedback, Filter, extra heads Spacing and Levels, Dry Wet Mix and Volume, and each of them has the Robot, a flexible dedicated modulation source, affect different channels with different amount of phasing in order to hear hallucinogenic sounds. Bastl Instruments created Robot so it could carry out duties as an external CV source, LFO with many different waveshapes or an envelope follower which enables effects reaction to dynamics. You can select a preset using 8 buttons and sequence these presets by a built-in meta sequencer. The Sequencer, the Robots and the Delay are syncable to external or internal clock.

Thyme interface features MIDI support, analog clock and CV, stereo output, a switchable stereo (mono) input, headphone output (with level) and footswitch jack.

Thyme basic specs:

  • analog Input Gain knob up to +20dB
  • 64 presets (8 presets organized in 8 banks)
  • 32 step sequencer with 4 patterns
  • CV input 0-5V (volt per octave for Tape Speed and Delay Time)
  • hi-fi audio quality

Thyme is ready to be put into production. Pricing and availability will be announced in May 2017.

Bastl Instruments SoftPopPeter Edwards, a.k.a. Casper Electronics, demonstrated another innovation – softPop – a portable, experimental synth.

Semi-modular synthesizer, “playfully organic” as the developers define it, sports fully analog core and signal path. It produces amazing variety of sounds – from randomly dripping water heavy pops to thick subtractive bass lines.

The sound is generated by a dual wide range triangle-core oscillators (oscillator 1 has variable waveshape via the modulation setting), resonant state variable filter (bandpass, lowpass, highpass) and S&H. You can use 6 faders to control two oscillators and filter as well as their cross modulations. softPop processes external audio through the filter by using the envelope follower which intuitively syncs to the incoming signal. With its 25 point patchbay which enables quite a versatile configuration options for such a small device you can get some amusing results. There’s a quantizer feature (auto-tune) to help you out in creative process. And pay attention to its housing plus take-and-go functions: battery operation, built in speaker and carrying handle – all you need for non-studio work.

It’s reported that softPop will be available in a few weeks after Superbooth 17 is over and will be priced at €300.


Bastl Instruments KongKong embraces impressive drum kit and modular possibilities in one nice dedicated unit. The structure is fully analog S&H circuit generating Velocity CV signal promises a very low drift so you won’t be afraid of hitting too many pads – the unit balances your behavior. Kong can be used as a dual modular pre-amp thanks to audio outputs which put amplified signals through the gain stage.

Kong features include:

  • 2 independent channels
  • fully analog core
  • gain knob per channel
  • audio output after the gain stage
  • trigger output with LED indication
  • velocity CV output
  • low drift sample & hold for velocity

Kong is ready for pre-order at for €109 (no tax incl.). The pre-ordered units will be shipping in June.


Bastl Instruments DudeBastl Instruments wants you to meet their new 5-channel monophonic audio mixer called DUDE. It’s powered by a 4x AA battery or external adaptor 9-12VDC – of almost the same size the very unit is. There’s a dedicated mute button and up to +20dB gain per channel boosting weak signals and saturating line level signals. It can serve as a tone generator routing output feedback to an input through an equalizer or some other circuits – is possible owing to that impressive gain ability per each channel.

DUDE Features look-through:

  • 5 channel monophonic mixer
  • up to +20dB (10x) gain knob for each channel
  • dedicated mute button switch per channel (not click less)
  • dual mono output for driving headphones
  • powered by 4x AA battery or external adaptor 9-12VDC

The first batch of “dudes” is already available at for €75 excluding tax.



Bastl has announced a granular sampler with a built-in microphone capable of saving samples on a microSD card. The new device is called microGranny and is now available as a DIY kit.

microGranny will cost you €130 (tax excl).

Published: 22:50 28.04.2017
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