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Make Noise, Analogue Solutions, Xaoc and many other brands featuring their new products

Make Noise, Analogue Solutions, Xaoc and many other brands featuring their new products

The new version of the Black & Gold Shared System was introduced by Make Noise - Black & Gold Shared System Plus, the analog Treadstone has been presented by Analogue Solutions, a semi-modular analog synthesizer Modulor 1 got launched by Sonicsmith, Xaoc brings Tallin on the synth market, Moffenzeef Modular surprise with Dial-Up machine.

Black & Gold Shared System by Make Noise

The new version of the Black & Gold Shared System by Make Noise has been introduced. Black & Gold Shared System Plus is enclosed in a new steel housing and offers Morphagene - Voltage Controlled Tape and Microsound, TEMPI - Polyphonic Time Shifting, and CV Bus.

Among the most crucial features there are Rene which is new kind of sequencing, dual analog oscillator, pressure points for control, Echophon represented by voltage controlled pitch shifting and echo, Maths (dual analog control voltage generator), a complex random voltage generator Wogglebug, Optomix which is a dual low pass gate, modDemix offers balanced modulation, and Erbe-Verb continuously variable voltage controlled reverb.

$4495 for the Black & Gold Shared System Plus which is already available.

Analogue Solutions Treadstone

An analog voice Treadstone was launched by Analogue Solutions as a new Synthblock module. The heavy duty steel case with aluminium details and rugged wood end cheeks offers a 16bit DAC for MIDI-CV, a VCO. It boasts of retro analog kind of voice and modulation circuits.

The unit will be demonstrated at the 2018 NAMM Show. Price and availability are to be announced.

Sonicsmith Modulor A1

A semi-modular analog synthesizer has been introduced by Sonicsmith. Modulor A1 comprises VCO (square/triangle), syncable LFO (square/triangle), 2 VCAs. LFO can modulate VCO frequency allowing for vibrato and FM effects.

The small unit features two outputs for VCO, sync input for LFO and VCO, “LFO to VCO pitch in” switch. LFO ranges from 0.2 Hz to 200Hz for FM synthesis.

XAOC Tallin

Another Eurorack module was launched by Xaoc. Tallin is a dual discrete core VCA for Eurorack modular systems. VCA features overdrive with a set of unique control nuances. The unit provides numerous sonic variations.

Tallin is represented with a discrete circuitry, 2 amp overdrive characteristics and simultaneous linear and exponential voltage control. Manual gain settings range from -80dB to +18dB.

There’s a soft-clip circuit and two distortion responses. You’ll get a vintage tube amp flow. With the help of patching you can obtain complex volume control as soon as two CV inputs can be enabled at once.

Dial-Up is a flashback to dial-up modems epoch. A Eurorack drum module was created by Moffenzeef Modular to play any possible way you like with that familiar sound or better to say noise you had to listen to while waiting for your web connection.

1U modules are available as announced by SYINSI. The release includes VCO, VCA, VCF, LFO, EG, CV and audio mixers, mults and shift/scalers.

Tags: Analogue Solutions, Make Noise, Black & Gold Shared System Plus, Treadstone, Modulor 1, Sonicsmith, Xaoc, Dial-Up, Moffenzeef Modular, analog synthesizer, Eurorack

Published: 21:10 08.12.2017
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