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The innovative Leapfrog VCF, MIDI "xylophone", DJ live session helper and others

The innovative Leapfrog VCF, MIDI "xylophone", DJ live session helper and others

A tiny smart looking device for your DJ setup, a MIDI controller for percussionists, a gadget with a constellation-like control panel layout (stargazers might enjoy), an amuzing toy sax and a voltage controlled filter never seen before.

Alter Audio Timetosser

Re-sequence audio – any connected source – on the go. Twist or actually “toss” the order of received phrases and signals with the new Alter Audio Timetosser. Not only DJ setup is targeted, the innovative device is good for studio or stage use as well. The main purpose of the Timetosser is to bring some liveliness into the modern electronic music creative process making it more than simple activation of the effect but providing your performance with live play including finger drumming and scratching. Just feel the vibe of what you do and improvise applying this colorful little helper. 180 MHz 32-bit ARM micro controller is responsible for real time audio analysis and smooth visual feedback.


MalletSTATION EM1 is another trick for your music. It’s a xylophone-like instrument which is to be played with mallets. But there’s more to it. EM1 is a 3-octave MIDI controller which is powered via USB. The device is based on the McMillen’s Smart Fabric Sensor technology. The amazing feature is in the possibility to change the layout – the so-called gap-caps are provided so you can put the keys wherever you need them to be placed. Velocity, touch strips, foot pedal inputs are there to manage your sound which by the way shouldn’t be necessarily some xylophone-style rare instrument but can be a synth, guitar or any other voice you might want to plug in considering that EM1 is a MIDI controller you’ll need to look for some sound source using a preferable virtual instrument.

Quadrantid Swarm

Quandrantid Swarm is a new synthesizer made by Eowave. The synth has been included in the feature list of Superbooth 17. Experiment with the timbre going from rampant to shiny. The instrument offers an 8-note touch keybed which can be applied in a mono mode, poly mode or as an 8-step sequencer. Quandrantid Swarm is based on a digital synth voice and comprises a 2-pole analog filter, 8 waveforms for modulation, spring reverb and a percussive element. The synth gadget interacts with other insruments via MIDI and CV/Trig inputs.

MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF

MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF is claimed to be a never-heard-before filter type. North Coast Synthesis developers haven’t engineered something out of nothing they refer to scientific research carried out back in the 1960s or even earlier. It was some kind of work never before available in a form of an analog filter integrated into a modular synthesizer. Neither a Moog ladder, nor a state variable type, MSK 007 is a life of its own. The “leapfrog” features 5 integrators and multiple feedback loops.

The filter, which actually looks like a full-functional tunable oscillator with exponential and linear FM and a VCA to tweak but there is no cut off knob for an innovative steep cut off. Anyway the core is coated with an intriguing concept.

Vindor ES1

Vindor ES1 is rasing funds to become implemented. Vindor Music has developed a MIDI controller which can not only be applied as a learn-to-play-a-wind-instrument but be considered as a curious tool for your music making. The device allows for using 6 programmable synth sounds (built-in sound generator), SD card for sampled sounds, comprises a Class D speaker amplifier, offers different instrumental modes, NXP air pressure sensor and 14 capacitive touch sensors, supports USB MIDI.

Tags: Alter Audio, Timetosser, MalletSTATION EM1, Quandrantid Swarm, Eowave, MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF, Vindor ES1, MIDI controller

Published: 13:26 14.11.2017
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