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Access Virus TI Dark Star On Sale!

Access Virus TI Dark Star On Sale!

Technically this synthesizer is a replica of Virus TI2 Polar: it’s a digital synth based on the powerful DSP and one of the best virtual analog engines. Various models (with a keyboard and without) of Virus Total Integration 2 have been produced since 2009.

Access Virus TI2 Dark StarAll the Access Virus generations and versions offer excellent specification and loads of sound generating possibilities that’s why they’re still in steadfast demand among professional all over the world. If you’re willing to buy a new one instead of resorting to the second hand market, it’s time to do it.

The synthesizer can use up to 80 voices and 16 parts of its multitimbrality. Its second version provides us with a “supersaw” feature and, of course, as any previous unit the synth generates all the basic waveform types – saw, sine, triangle and square waves. Its dual DSP allows using formant synthesis, FM synthesis and waveform generation based on wavetables (68 wave shapes in total), all the filter types - HPF, LPF, BPF, BRF (notch), up to 192 parallel effects as well as a 32-step user-programmable arpeggiator pattern for every patch and many other irreplaceable functions if you’re a professional.

Dark Star is enclosed into an aluminum housing with wooden sides, Gun Metal color, glaring red LEDs and an Access logo of burning red color on the rare panel. You can order it at Kemper Online Store. The price tag is grim as always but you should hurry because these synthesizers are popular as NBA Finals tickets.

P.S. If the price tag seems too angry than choose one of those good old Access Virus units in our catalogue. We assure you that all the owners of this amazing machine treat it like a child so they’re even in a better “mood” than your beloved pet might be.

Published: 19:21 08.08.2016
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