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Korg microKORG XL+
/5 0

Synthesizer/ Vocoder

Thick analog sound, compact (can be battery powered), USB/MIDI connection. A portable solution for having the quality vintage sound set wherever you need. 17 KAOSS effects onboard, sound engine technology features taken out from R3 and Radias, and KORG's...

Waldorf Microwave
/5 0

Wavetable Digital Synthesizer Module

The Waldorf Microwave is a digital synthesizer and sampler created by the German company Waldorf Music. It was released in 1997 and was one of the first digital synthesizers to feature an integrated sampler. The Microwave was capable of creating a wide...

Radikal Technologies Accelerator
4.5/5 2

8-32 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

Accelerator, a virtual analog synthesizer by Radikal Technologies, was at the stage of development about as long as its predecessor Spectralis used to be, but at the time of release, it was a completed project and a fully implemented idea. Despite the...

2 000.00
Roland Fantom-G8
/5 0

Production Station

Fantom-G8 has an 88-note PHA II Ivory Feel keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch. The instrument comprised 2230 waveforms offering 256MB of wave memory and 1920 preset patches. Fantom-G6 gives twice as much of the ROM capacity Roland ever...

1 500.00
Roland JV-880
/5 0

Rackmount Sound Module/ Tone Generator

The Roland JV-880 is a digital synthesizer module released by Roland Corporation in 1993. It is a multi-timbral, multi-timbral synthesizer module with a wide range of sounds, including pianos, strings, brass, and drums. It has a built-in sequencer and can be used to create complex musical arrangements.