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Yamaha CS-80
4.6/5 3

Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

CS-80 was launched in 1976. The multitimbral instrument with analog subtractive synthesis features 8-voice polyphony as well as 2 oscillators per voice. Two synth layers are available per voice. Settings memory is based on a bank of micropotentiometers....

8 000.00
Yamaha CS-70m
4.6/5 3

Analog Synthesizer

CS-70m is a 6-voice synthesizer featuring 2 oscillators per voice (12 VCOs), two LFOs one of which is programmable, two 12dB filters per voice (12 VCFs), and two amps per voice (12 VCAs as well). The 61-note keyboard supports aftertouch. Memory comprises...

4 000.00
Yamaha CS-60
/5 0

Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

CS-60 is an 8-voice synthesizer featuring one VCO per voice. Oscillators generate square, saw and PWM while sub oscillator offers 4 wave types. There’s also a noise generator incorporated. Memory includes 12 presets and one user patch. The filter section...

3 500.00
Yamaha CS-30
/5 0

Analog Synthesizer

CS-30 is a monophonic synthesizer based on two VCOs with independent outputs and incorporating a sequencer for 8 notes and 1 pattern useful for arpeggio tricks. There’s no effect section. The 44-note keyboard synth has no patch memory. The unit got...

2 000.00
Yamaha CS-15D
4.0/5 1

Analog Synthesizer

CS-15D is a monophonic synthesizer offering 1 VCO per section. The LFO features sine, square, sample&hold and repeat. The instrument comprises one 2-pole low pass filer with a dedicated ADSR. The filter section provides with cut off and resonance...