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Roland JP-08
3.5/5 2

Sound Module

JP-08 is a sound module of the Roland Boutique series based on the ACB (Advanced Circuit Behavior) analog simulation technology. It recreates the sounds of the legendary synthesizer Roland Jupiter-8.

Roland JU-06
/5 0

Sound Module

Roland Boutique series sound module based on the ACB (Advanced Circuit Behavior) analog simulation technology. Recreates the sounds of the popular in the 1980s synthesizer Roland Juno-106.

Moog Sonic Six
/5 0

Analog Synthesizer

Moog which has little to do with Moog. It’s no surprise, because this synthesizer was developed by Bill Waytena who was impressed by Robert Moog works. The talented engineer Bill Waytena was engaged in the development of automobile anti radars. He’s the...

3 500.00
Novation Circuit
/5 0


Bass Synthesizer, Production start: 2015.