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Clavia Nord Lead 4
/5 0

Performance Synthesizer

Lead 4 keyboard is represented with 2 oscillators per voice, FM, hard/soft sync possibilities, flexible modulation owing to many syncing and routing options, two LFO sections and mod envelope, gives 20 voices of polyphony, 12, 24 and 48 dB low-pass,...

2 000.00
Clavia Nord Lead A1
/5 0

Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Lead A1 – синтезатор аналогового моделирования, предлагающий 4-частную мультитембральность, 24 голоса полифонии, 2 генератора на голос, низкочстотный генератор с 5 волноформами. Устройство интегрирует 2-/4-полюсный фильтр и 4 независимых арпеджиатора....

1 700.00
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet'08 Desktop
5.0/5 1

8 Voice Analog Synthesizer Module

Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Analogue (A), Polychain: 16 voices, Voices: 8, Multi Timbral Capacity: 2 part(s), Oscillators per voice: 2, Sub-Oscillators per voice: 4, Production start: 2008.

1 200.00
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet'08
/5 0

8 Voice Analog Synthesizer

Prophet ’08 takes after legendary Dave Smith’s instruments and adds an expanded mod matrix with extra modulation sources (3 envelopes and 4 MIDI-syncable LFOs per voice). A 5-octave keyboard features a semi-weighted action, aftertouch and is velocity...

1 500.00
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet'08 PE
/5 0

8 Voice Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

Prophet ’08 PE stands for a “potentiometer edition” and offers the same specs Prophet ’08 does with the only difference – instead of rotary encoders PE features potentiometers considering that “pots” give more classic way of control. Prophet ’08 takes...

1 500.00