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Elektron Digitakt
2.6/5 3

  Drum Computer/ Sampler   650.00 U.S.Dollars

Digitakt is an 8-voice drum machine with a powerful sequencer. The sample-based drum machine offers 64MB sample memory and you also get 1GB of built-in storage. Each track has a multimode filter and an assignable LFO available. The instrument provides...

/5 0

  Standalone Music Production Studio   700.00 U.S.Dollars

Groovebox/ MPC, Digital (D), Voices: 128, Production start: 2021.

Synthstrom Deluge
/5 0

  Groovebox/ Synthesizer   800.00 U.S.Dollars

Deluge is a flagship instrument of Synthstrom which went through 3 years of developing process. The synthesizer is standalone and multipurpose integrating a sequencer and sampler. The core is based on the sound engine featuring subtractive and FM...

Novation Bass Station II
/5 0

  Analog Monophonic Synthesizer   350.00 U.S.Dollars

Bass Synthesizer, Digital (D), Analogue (A), Monophonic, Monotimbral, Oscillators per voice: 2, Oscillators overall: 2, Sub-Oscillators per voice: 1, Number of Keys: 25, Aftertouch, Size: 2.

ASM (Ashun Sound Machines) Hydrasynth
/5 0

  8-Voice Wave Morphing Synthesizer   1 300.00 U.S.Dollars

Performance Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Digital (D), Voices: 8, Oscillators per voice: 3, Oscillators overall: 24, Aftertouch, Size: 4, Number of Keys: 49, Production start: 2019.

Modal Electronics Argon8
/5 0

  Wavetable Synthesizer   749.00 U.S.Dollars

Performance Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Digital (D), Voices: 8, Monotimbral, Oscillators per voice: 4, Oscillators overall: 32, Number of Keys: 37, Size: 3, Aftertouch, Velocity Sensitivity.

/5 0

  Performance synthesiser   2 700.00 U.S.Dollars

Synthesizer, Performance Synthesizer, Digital (D), Production start: 2020.

/5 0

  Polyphonic Step Sequencer   300.00 U.S.Dollars

Digital (D), Production start: 2020.

Elektron Digitone Keys
/5 0

  8-Voice FM Synthesizer   1 300.00 U.S.Dollars

Synthesizer, Performance Synthesizer, Digital (D), Voices: 8, Aftertouch, Size: 3, Velocity Sensitivity, Number of Keys: 37, Production start: 2019.

Roland MC-101
/5 0

  Groovebox   450.00 U.S.Dollars

Rhytm/ Drum Machine, Synthesizer, Groovebox/ MPC, Digital (D), Voices: 128, Multi Timbral Capacity: 4 part(s), Production start: 2019.