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Waldorf Microwave II
/5 0

  Wavetable Digital Synthesizer Module   700.00 U.S.Dollars

Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Hybrid, Digital+Analog, Voices: 10, Oscillators per voice: 2, Production start: 1997.

Waldorf Microwave XTk
/5 0

  Wavetable Digital Synthesizer   1 200.00 U.S.Dollars

Synthesizer, Virtual Analog (VA), Voices: 30, Oscillators per voice: 2, Number of Keys: 49, Size: 4, Velocity Sensitivity, Aftertouch, Production start: 1999.

Moog One
5.0/5 1

  Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer   6 000.00 U.S.Dollars

Since the release of Memorymoog, the cult American company did not take on polyphonic synthesizers, but the legacy assumed and the fans waited. And in the end, they received 8 or 16 voices for 6000 dollars, performed in the best traditions of the brand -...

Moog Subsequent 37
/5 0

  Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer   1 579.00 U.S.Dollars

Synthesizer, Analogue (A), Paraphonic, Analog Voices: 1, Oscillators per voice: 2, Aftertouch, Velocity Sensitivity, Size: 3, Number of Keys: 37, Production start: 2017.

Moog Subsequent 37 CV
/5 0

  Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer   1 800.00 U.S.Dollars

Synthesizer, Analogue (A), Paraphonic, Analog Voices: 1, Oscillators per voice: 2, Velocity Sensitivity, Size: 3, Number of Keys: 37, Aftertouch, Production start: 2017.

Novation K-Station
5.0/5 2

  Perfomance Synthesizer   250.00 U.S.Dollars

Virtual analog synthesizer K-Station represents a completely new rethought instrument with the module from the predecessor A-Station. It has a very intuitive interface and a 2-octave velocity sensitive keyboard. The instrument includes 8 voices of analog...

Novation KS 4
/5 0

  Virtual Analog Synthesizer   270.00 U.S.Dollars

In 2003, the expanded version of K-Station was released. Updates introduced in Novation KS4 concerned the keyboard which got the octaves increased up to 4 (49 keys), some additional features and advantages. A semi-weighted keyboard acquired aftertouch,...

/5 0

  Virtual Analog Synthesizer   280.00 U.S.Dollars

Novation, along with KS4, released a synthesizer with an extended keyboard - Novation KS5. Compared to its "brother", its semi-weighted keyboard included 5 octaves (61 keys), and got aftertouch. Anyway, KS5 took everything else from K-Station. The...

Novation KS Rack
/5 0

  Virtual Analog Synthesizer   280.00 U.S.Dollars

For the fans of Novation KS series, for those who prefer rackmount sound modules, the manufacturer devised KS Rack. The rack version includes the same features as the rest of the KS line does. KS Rack includes 8 voices of analog modeling sounds with FM,...

Novation X-Station 25
/5 0

  Virtual analog synthesizer/ Audio Interface/ MIDI controller   300.00 U.S.Dollars

After Remote 25 MIDI controller was released, in 2004 Novation launched X-Station 25. The instrument is very similar to Remote 25 and shares a lot with it, particularly knobs, sliders and keys. It also has the same silvery-gray matte color. However,...