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Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1+
/5 0

Complete Analog Modular Synthesizer

Basically System 10.1+ is System 10.1, placed in a larger enclosure which allows you to install modules of Eurorack format into hollow cells. The power bus integrated in the housing has standard Euororack power connectors. The power supply unit is taken outside the enclosure in order to minimize interference.

Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1
/5 0

Complete Analog Modular Synthesizer

System 10.1 is a small desktop modular system based on the Synthesizer box. This is an excellent choice if you purchase your first modular analog synthesizer. The system consists of four modules: Synthesizer box - analog VCO with three waveforms, FM and...

Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3.1+
/5 0

Complete Analog Modular Synthesizer

Foundation 3.1+ is the same Foundation 3.1, placed in a housing twice as large. “Plus” in its name means that the system is ready for expansion by installing additional modules. The case is fully compatible with any Eurorack format modules. The case has an empty space of 104HP, closed by a panel-plug.

2 499.00
Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3.1
/5 0

Complete Analog Modular Synthesizer

Foundation 3.1 is represented by a fully analogue modular synthesizer, consisting of thirteen modules encased in a stylish wooden housing. The core of the system is based on two multifunctional waveform oscillators, allowing to generate such waves as...

2 349.00
Buchla LEM7
/5 0


Aquarius is the instrument for coordinating Buchla systems with other standards (for example Eurorack format). It consists of modules 225h and 202h. Four empty spaces, covered with plugs, can be used to place other modules of the 200e series.