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Manufacturer/ Brand: Yamaha

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Sound Module

MOTIF-RACK XS borrowed voices from the famous Motif XS version. Gorgeous grand pianos, orchestra voices, vintage organs, electric pianos, guitars, strong basses, synth sounds, ethnic and many else. 355MB are given for waveforms (2670 individual...

Yamaha QY700
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Sequencer Workstation

Digital (D).

Yamaha V50
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FM Synthesizer

In 1989 Yamaha launched a digital workstation V50 featuring a MIDI keyboard and comprising a sequencer, FM synthesis core and a rhythm machine. The 61-note keyboard supports aftertouch and is velocity sensitive. There are 4 oscillators per voice...

Yamaha PSR-S950
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The new digital arranger Yamaha PSR-S950 is equipped with a palette of high-quality sounds, styles and is stuffed with modern functions necessary for musicians and arrangers. This whole arsenal of tools will allow you to create, record and arrange music...

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Yamaha PSR-S970
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Arranger Workstation

Yamaha PSR-S970 is the latest powerful musical arranger, the flagship model of the S line presented as the most advanced instrument of the series. 989 Voices, including Organ Flutes! timbres, Super Articulation (SA) timbres and 41 Drum/Special Effects...

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