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Synthesizers - - Dexibell, Dexibell

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Manufacturer/ Brand: Dexibell

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Dexibell Vivo S1
/5 0

Compact Digital Piano

1 250.00
5.0/5 2

Performance Keyboard

Synthesizer Keyboard, Performance Synthesizer, Digital (D), Digital Voices: 320, Multi Timbral Capacity: 3 part(s), Oscillators overall: 320, Velocity Sensitivity, Number of Keys: 88, Production start: 2018.

2 000.00
Dexibell Combo J7
/5 0

Digital Organ Synthesizer

Wind Instrument Synthesizer, Electro-organ, Synthesizer Keyboard, Digital (D), Velocity Sensitivity, Variable Touch Response, Size: 6, Number of Keys: 73, Production start: 2017.

2 500.00
/5 0

Digital Organ Synthesizer

Electro-organ, Digital (D).

On request
Dexibell Vivo P3
/5 0

Compact Digital Piano

VIVO P3 Portable series by Dexibell has more reduced functions and specs. It’s characterized by small dimensions, simplifying the quick transportation of the instrument. The series includes two versions of the electric musical instrument rendered in...

1 129.00