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Synthstrom Audible Limited is an electronics manufacturer from Wellington, New Zealand. The brand development team numbers two people - Rohan Hill, lead engineer, and Ian Jorgensen, project manager. Rohan has been soldering computer, electronic and musical gadgets since he can remember. In 2011, he graduated from the Victoria University in Wellington, completing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Considering that Rohan was also a musician (who used to perform solo as well as a band member), it’s no surprise that he wanted to apply his experience and knowledge of the technical field in creating hardware musical instruments. He decided to create his own music project, believing the technology is a good helper for a live performance.

In 2014, Hill devised a concept, which gradually took up all his free and working hours, promising the author to become a commercial success. Synthstrom Audible was founded several years after the concept of Rohan became a reality that passed through all the stages of development, experimentation and learning. Deluge was the product that convinced Hill to create his own brand and continue to implement his vision of music in the world of innovative technologies.

Ian Jorgensen, an experienced project manager, has organized, promoted and supported a dozen major music festivals, including the famous "Camp A Low Hum". Under his supervision 515 concerts took place in New Zealand, 70 bands went on a tour across the country thanks to his participation. Ian also used to be a tour manager for many musicians from 25 countries.

Having his own record label, he released more than 50 albums in various formats, including cassettes, vinyl, DVD and CD, which were produced in different countries. As a publisher, Jorgensen has issued more than 50 books.
In addition to his work with Hill on the Synthstrom Audible project, Ian lectures at the University of Massey in Wellington in the Bachelor of Commercial Music.

The flagship product of the brand - Deluge - is an all-purpose, stand-alone, portable synthesizer, comprising a sequencer and a sampler, designed to create and perform electronic music, and also encouraging any kind of improvisation.

The instrument is based on a sound engine that provides subtractive and FM synthesis. Polyphony is limited only by the capabilities of the CPU, on average allowing up to 48 voices or 64 samples at a time. The sound and effect parameters can be adjusted using two encoders with infinite rotation. The device allows parameter automation recording, offers an arpeggiator, individual volume and tempo controls, LFOs and envelopes for each synth/sample voice, flexible modulation matrix, portamento, oscillator synchronization, ring modulation, unison detune function, low- and high-pass filter, 4 standard waveforms with the ability to select a WAV file uploaded onto the SD card. The FX section features a delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, bitcrushing, sidechain effect, live stutter, etc. The synthesizer includes a keyboard mode that turns the pads into a live instrument on a 2D grid.

Sequencing is limited only to the RAM of the device (several thousand notes); CC control of all 16 MIDI channels; advanced synchronization capabilities; non-standard timing is supported; adjustable swing.

The sampler uploads samples from an SD card (up to 32GB SDHC), offers a 64MB RAM, which allows you to work with samples of CD quality with an up to 12-minute length, the possibility of time-stretching, 1/4" line inputs.

The connectivity of the instrument is represented by two 1/4" line inputs, 3.55 mm headphone output, two individually configurable CV outputs, 4 gate/trigger outputs (v-trig/s-trig), MIDI input and output, including USB connection (MIDI beat clock sync ability). Simultaneous output of various sequences to all 16 MIDI channels, 2 CV/gate channels and two additional gate outputs. It is powered by USB or can use a 9 - 12V (500mA) power supply.