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Specialwaves is a new brand the main goal of which is to provide DJs, producers and musicians with new, eccentric, reconfigurable and easily updatable instruments. The development team is focused on research, innovative approach, full dedication and constant improvement.

Mine instrument is designed for DJs, producers and musicians who search for a device that suits them and takes into account all the nuances of their habits. Mine actually allows you to assemble it in many ways, being a modular MIDI controller consisting of a platform for electronic units of the music interface - modules, with the size of just one pad, two buttons, a pot, an encoder or a fader/slider. There are also "empty" modules, or blanks, to fill the configuration gaps. Modules can be inserted or removed, allowing you to achieve any layout combination within the housing of Mine.

Modular units get embedded in the motherboard via small connectors at the bottom of the module, allowing information to be transferred between the interface units and the Mine enclosure board.

Each module can be located horizontally or vertically on the surface, which makes the configuration even more flexible. For example, the fader can be fixed vertically, if you want to use it as a channel volume control, or horizontally, if you need it to function as a cross fader.

Modules are rooted firmly into the board due to special clamps. You can remove them using the accessories which come included.

At the moment, 2 versions of the instrument are developed: Mine and MineS. Mine has an 8x8 matrix that holds up to 64 modules, whereas MineS has an 8x4 matrix, allowing 32 units to be stacked within the housing.

A standard USB port will connect the controller to the PC/Mac – you’ll need it to power your device as well. To support the intensity of the LED indicators, the instrument offers a power supply connector. Mine has 2 expansion ports, whereas MineS has one connector. Mine can be connected to MineS to create even a bigger functional space.

As for the setting, the dedicated editor automatically recognizes the type, position and orientation of each module, making the device configuration process quick and easy. All you need to do is connect the module to the motherboard and the software will display it on the monitor. Thanks to the editor, you can change the individual parameters of the modules and save the settings.