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The team of the Latvian company Erica Synths consists of creative visionaries, musicians and simply brilliant engineers developing unique and innovative musical instruments that show the difference in the quality of assembly, design, use and solution of problems that no one else has touched upon. The developers of the brand pay attention to modular patching with Matrix Mixer and Graphic series of modules, intuitive interfaces with the Black series and distinctive sound thanks to the tube filling with Fusion series of modules. For the DIY market, Erica Synths offers kits that include rare, exclusive electronic components used in Soviet synthesizers and military technologies.

A series of Black modules features VCO; VCO Expander; wavetable VCO, including 16 wavetables with 16 waveforms, voltage-controlled wave surf and bitcrush, morphing, 3 suboscillator waves; Modulator; Mixer; Polivoks VCF, emulating the famous sound of the Russian synthesizer produced by Formanta factory using the original ICs K140UD12 and adding some updates; Double VCF; VCA; Quad VCA; Stereo mixer; several envelope generator modules, including the HADSR module; Black Octasource, which is an LFO (8 waveforms and 8 outputs with the possibility to be produced simultaneously) with manual control or voltage-controlled rate, as well as a phase shift, LFO freeze function, morphing; "Black Hole DSP" with 16 unique custom effects, stereo inputs and outputs, manually and CV controlled parameters, including clock rate reduction for noisy bitcrush; and other auxiliary modules.

The Fusion series offers a VCO with 3 basic waveforms (sine, triangle and pulse) and voltage-controlled morphing, tube suboscillators, adjustable waveforms of the suboscillator, Dry/Wet mixing, passive low-pass filter for extreme sub sounds and audio input; Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble is a multifunctional analog effect module that incorporates effects based on BBD chip with adjustable tube overdrive at the output of the delay and at the feedback path, as well as a unique branded Vintage Stereo Ensemble - an effect peculiar to vintage synthesizers, creating a spirited and juicy spatial sound , which is achieved by using a pure (dry) source mixed with an out-of-phase signal processed by a low-pass filter and a delay; Modulator; Mixer; Amplifier; VCF.

The brand also produces Eurorack DIY, Basic series and Pico series, which offers many useful modules in the 3 HP format.