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The Italian team of engineers and designers called Dexibell has been delighting its fans for 25 years offering a nice range of products including electronic pianos, compact synthesizer models and the development of special music apps. Dexibell also works closely with other well-known music brands, pays attention to details and uses the best materials and components for their products.

The company's instruments took the best parts of the classic ones and introduced introduction some technological innovations. The brand's products are powered by the DSP Cortex-QuadCore which allows you to receive the sounds of acoustic instruments made back in 1850, thanks to the processing the large number of digital oscillators simulating all the sounds and noises that culminate. The company is aimed primarily at creating products that meet the clients’ highest expectations. The application for iOS with auto accompaniment function X MURE, developed in close cooperation with the most experienced musicians, is very popular. It’s also a part of the VIVO grand pianos line.

VIVO series models have earned reputation as a line of digital pianos using a whole set of innovations as well as sporting an aesthetic Italian design. Dexibell produces models of electric piano Stage, Home and Portable providing different keyboard versions.

The models of the line are characterized by the inclusion of innovative realistic sound technology called T2L (True to Life), sampling and modeling methods. Instruments use 320 virtual sound wave oscillators with virtually unlimited polyphony capabilities and a digital multiband compressor. The user can record thanks to the XXL-Sample function, and the duration of recorded samples can be of up to 15 seconds. Thus the instrument reproduces an even broader musical range creating a serious competition with the instruments of other brands. VIVO series pianos feature harmonics, staccato sounds, timbre variations, sustain effect, resonance, 24 types of reverb, digital equalizer functions and 6 DSP effects. The models feature HD-24/48 (24 bit and 48 kHz sample rate) which significantly improves the sound quality converting it from digital to analog due to DAS.

The interface of the models included a graphic display - special LEDs create contrast and allow a clearer visibility. There’s also a Fatar keyboard – keys made by the famous Italian keybed manufacturer always ensuring the highest quality and working with such famous brands as Studiologic, Clavia Nord, Kurzweil and others.

The electric piano features Bluetooth capabilities which made it possible to receive streaming audio and use VIVO as a wireless audio system.

Models of the Home series are presented with big digital pianos in different color variants. H-7 is the most expensive instrument of the line. It features an 88-note keyboard with Ivory Feel technology which prevents excessive finger slip while playing as well as three modes of the Speaker function. H-3 model is a smaller and a less functional version comparing to H-7, as well as more affordable for musicians of different levels.

Stage series is designed for session musicians and anyone performing live, it’s characterized by small dimensions that simplify the easy transportation of the instrument, as well as by the presence of special controls allowing you to alter the sound of recorded samples completely. Traditionally the series includes two versions of the electric musical instrument: S-7 and S-3 in different color variants. However S-3 model unlike the other version has a 73-note keyboard and again is more accessible and portable.

Portable series fully corresponds to its name both externally and internally due to its basic capabilities. It’s designed for a wide music audience featuring users of different levels as it has a reduced number of functions and characteristics. There are two models of the instrument with different keyboard versions: 88-key P-7 and 73-key P-3.

Is Dexibell successful now? Thanks to its innovative development, Italian values and traditions the company keeps on thriving and producing progressive electronic musical instruments. The flexible structure of Dexibell is also of great importance to its success supported by the close cooperation of all its employees. This approach eventually resulted in finding the best combination for achieving great efficiency in designing instruments, perfecting technology and making design outstanding. Now sales of musical instruments of the company have reached considerable level and providing competition to other brands.