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Böhm instruments manufacturer has been known to the music market for 50 years already. The brand combines traditional approach with innovations introduction contributing quite successfully to the digital organ music segment of the market. The German company guarantees that its products meet your expectations and ensures unfailing high standards.

The decision made by Böhm brand to specialize in instruments for both beginners and professionals seems to be right. Böhm organ console lets you access more than 400 factory presets. Seven Art operating system presets are developed together with the musicians cooperating with the brand. The list of the preset songs of the new system Amadeus allows you to find recognizable music pieces easily on the front panel. The song list numbers more than 800 presets.

Auto accompaniment gives to you the selection of more than 300 styles (each of which offers 4 variations). You can save up more styles on Compact Flash Card and find them with the help of Overture Comfort option.

All the buttons and sliders laid out on the front panel of Böhm instruments are dedicated to certain tasks. Anyway in the getting-to-know and getting-used-to process the organ allows you to create your own arrangements and improvise with the combination of keyboard voices and pedals within 8 split zones. That’s how you can gather the whole orchestra by stacking a few ensemble and solo sections.

Of course, all the buttons and function switches can be reassigned the way you want them to; editing programs allow to alter each and every parameter used while recording presets.

Böhm is proud of its dynamic note and pedal keyboards. All the keys except Overture stage are semi-weighted.

Böhm instruments operate on an updated Amadeus system developed by KEYSWERK engineers which features an ultrafast processor, increased flash memory and studio quality samples. There’s also an individual tuning possibility regulating the same qualities inherent in acoustic instruments. Amadeus system tries to give the instruments that authentic character making velocity sensitive keyboard, effects and pressed note sequence interdependent. On the whole the new Amadeus enriched organs with the new sounds, replaced drum section with the fresh one, enhanced the voice volume levels balance ridding them of impediment and background noises at any stage of the envelope. And again its compact and intuitive qualities are emphasized since the new system keeps all the patches and settings and all you need is just to update it.

Böhm keeps on releasing such organs as Emporio 600 and Sinfonia 500. Emporio is equipped with a full size weighted 76-note keyboard and promises non-compromising sound of the instrument of any genre. Sinfonia operates on 3 Amadeus systems offering a 351-note polyphony. Emporio has 4 Amadeus systems unfolding polyphony up to 468 voices while EDS system ensures virtually unlimited polyphony. All the signals go through Crystal mixer and amplifier delivering quadraphonic sound at the output.

Böhm Overture Stage, Overture and Overture M3 organs implement all the advantages of Amadeus system supporting the instruments the interface of which as well as the whole concept are to lure first of all beginners though provide a professional level to them.