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Nord Electro 6 получила сплиты, многотембровые программы и переходы без останова

Nord Electro 6 получила сплиты, многотембровые программы и переходы без останова

Норд Электро 6 Nord Electro 6 сочетает в себе высококачественные программно-аппаратные эмуляции винтажных электромеханических и акустических инструментов в ультра-мобильном корпусе. Инструмент обладает 3 основными секциями, улучшенным пользовательским интерфейсом с новым экраном, и позволяет осуществлять плавные переходы между звуковыми программами. Встречайте замену популярному исполнительскому синтезатору от шведской компании на выставке NAMM 2018!

NORD Electro 6

Технические характеристики


  • Плавные переходы между звуковыми программами. Новое!
  • 3-частная "мультитембральность". Новое!
  • Слои и сплиты с кроссфейдами точек пересечения сплитов. Новое!
  • Дисплей на органических диодах для обеспечения визуального контроля настроек.
  • Режим "Органайзер" для быстрого упорядочивания звуковых программ, звуков и страниц. Новое!
  • 3 варианта клавиатур - синтезаторная (Nord Electro 6D 61, Electro 6D 73) и "виртуально-полновзвешенная" (Electro 6D HP).

Секция фортепиано

  • Библиотека в 1Гб для сэмплов Норд
  • Фильтры Новое!
  • Расширенная полифония Новое!
  • Резонанс струн
  • 4 кривых построения динамики

Секция сэмпл-синтезатора

  • Увеличенная библиотека звуков (512 Мб) Новое!
  • Расширенная полифония Новое!
  • Выделенная синт-секция с настрофками на лету генератора огибающих и другими контроллерами.


Seamless transitions

The Nord Electro 6 features automatically seamless transitions when changing sounds or programs while playing.

Layer and advanced Split functionality

The panel has three independent sound sections; Organ, Piano and Sample Synth that can be used simultaneously as a layer or a split. It features 6 Split Points and the new Split Point Crossfade functionality introduced with the Stage 3 for smooth transitions between two split zones. Choose from 3 different crossfade widths (Small, Large or Off) as indicated by different LED colors.

Refined Program Section

The new streamlined Program section features a handy Organize mode including Copy/Paste and Move functionality for quickly arranging your Programs to your desired order. A new Page View lets you easily sort and organize pages as a song list.

All Programs, Pianos and Synth Samples are easily navigated using the new List View that offers alphabetical, numerical and category sorting options.

Organ Section

The Nord Electro 6 features our award-winning Nord C2D Organ simulations of B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass and Vintage Transistor Organs plus two Pipe Organ models.

B3 Tonewheel simulation

The Organ section features our acclaimed Nord C2D Organ engine including the extremely authentic B3 Tonewheel simulation with four different tone wheel settings, ranging from factory new clean to leaky old vintage.

An improved dedicated Bass mode simulating the Pedal Bass Tonewheels are available for either splitting with a Piano or Synth or with a B3 Upper Manual in Dual Organ Mode.

Classic Transistor Organs

Our impeccable simulations of the classic 1960’s Transistor Organs, Vox Continental and Farfisa Compact with all the classic settings, are also included in the Organ section.

Pipe Organs

The Organ section now contains two different Pipe Organ models. The new Pipe 1 is a pure Organ with few harmonics. The Pipe 2, introduced with the Electro 5, is a recreation of metal pipes that commonly make up the backbone of a pipe or church organ, and now includes a special new detune mode when enabling Vibrato/Chorus.

Vintage Rotary Speaker

The Nord Electro 6 has the latest generation of our vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulation adding an essential character to a live organ performance and features Slow, Fast and Stop mode as well as a Drive control. The Electro 6D 61 and 73 support the Nord Half-moon Switch (optional accessory).

Dual Organ Mode

The dedicated new Dual Organ mode provides quick access to dual manual setups and offers great overview and control of the drawbar settings for both the Lower and Upper manual.

Physical Drawbars for Electro 6D 61/73

The Electro 6D 61 and 73 feature Physical Drawbars offering ultimate hands-on experience for the dedicated organ players. The Electro 6 HP features Digital LED Drawbars, offering excellent overview over current settings.

Piano Section

The Piano section has a wide selection of acoustic, electric and digital pianos from the exclusive Nord Piano Library, extended voice polyphony and creative new Piano Filters.

Factory Bank

The Nord Electro 6 factory bank contains an extensive selection of our latest Grands, Uprights, Electric Pianos and Digital Pianos from the exclusive Nord Piano Library - all handpicked for their unique characters! The Piano section also features our new “Layer” category with rich dynamic layered patches.

The Nord Piano Experience

Nord’s state-of-the-art sampling techniques capture the extraordinary nuances and real character of the source instruments and unique ‘Advanced String Resonance’ delivers breathtaking realism and an unsurpassed level of expressiveness.

Replaceable sounds

The Factory Bank features a great selection from the Nord Piano Library but you can easily add or replace any of these sounds using the Nord Sound Manager. Our exclusive Nord Piano Library is constantly updated with new exclusive world class sounds, and always free of charge.

Piano Filters

Providing an additional level of sonic control, the Piano Section now features dedicated piano filters for accentuating softness, mid or brilliance.

Soft Release

A Soft Release-mode adds a slightly longer release, more suitable for legato playing, emulating a looser damper tension in an acoustic or an electromechanical instrument.

Dynamic Curves

4 dynamic curves are available to suit your playing style, from soft to hard.


The enhanced Sample Synth Section features expanded memory for the Nord Sample Library 3.0 and extended polyphony.

The Sample Synth Section contains a broad selection of high quality sounds from the Nord Sample Library 3.0 including the exclusively licensed sounds of the legendary Mellotron and Chamberlin.

The Sample Synth is equipped with essential controls for attack, decay/release and dynamics (filter/velocity). A unique Nord feature allows you to create your own samples using the free Nord Sample Editor software for WIndows and Mac.


The powerful Effect section features a wide range of instantly tweakable high quality effects modelled after classic stomp boxes. All effects can be assigned freely to the Organ, Piano or Synth sections.

Effect 1

Here you can choose from Tremolo, two Wahs, an Auto-Wah, and an AutoPan. Use the AutoWah with a Clavinet for raw funk licks, create a psychedelic vibe with an Electric Piano on AutoPan, or give a Wurlitzer some body using the Tremolo. There is also a Ring Modulator on board, an effect used by many experimental and electronic musicians.

Effect 2

The two Phasers, two Choruses, the Flanger and a Vibe effect are modeled from the classic analog stomp boxes that define the sound of popular music.

Amp Sim/Compressor/Rotary

Features authentic JC, Twin and Small speaker simulations with adjustable Drive, plus a separate Tube Drive simulation and a Compressor.


A 3-band Equalizer with sweepable mid.


The Delay effect features a Tap Tempo, Feedback and Mix (Dry/Wet), as well as controls for Ping-Pong mode and Tap Tempo.


The Nord Electro 6 has three different Reverb types (Hall, Stage and Room) for adding some ambience to your sounds. All Reverb types also has a Bright mode.

The Keybeds

Each Fatar keybed is meticulously calibrated at the Nord factory to ensure an even response over the whole range.

Hammer Action Portable (HP)

The Nord Electro 6 HP keybed uses amazingly portable weighted hammer action piano keys. Perfect for electric and acoustic piano sounds, but also works great for organ playing. Key range 6 HP: E-E.

Semi Weighted Waterfall (SW)

The Nord Electro 6D 61 and 6D 73 uses Semi-Weighted organ type keys with a rounded "waterfall" tip, brilliant for rapid organ shredding and synthesizer licks, but also plays nice with piano sounds. Key range C-C on Electro 6D 61 and E-E on Electro 6D 73.

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