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Hartmann Neuron

Neuronal Synthesizer

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Hartmann Neuron
Hartmann Neuron
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Neuron is a piece of art and scientific achievement of Axel Hartmann. The groundbreaking technology grows from neural networks meaning that the synthesis is based on the analysis of samples after which digital computer models get created and the result can be re-synthesized in many ways Neuron offers. You get a 3D modeling in a surround sound environment which you can operate with the help of joysticks and wheels.

200 modeled sounds are already preconfigured but via the ModelMaker application user sounds can be added as well. The movements of the joystick can also be recorded becoming a part of the sound and allowing you to give your music that tweaking process feel during its playback.

Neuron has 2 Resynators with 3 parameter layers per scape/sphere, one ADSR modulation envelope per Resynator, one amp envelope per Resynator, one assignable envelope. There are 2 LFOs with 12 waveforms, three types of filter, digital chorus, flange, delay, phaser, distortion, compressor, limiter.

The synthesizer runs a special version of the Linux OS, the hardware platform is equipped with a Pentium 4 Celeron processor, comprises 256 MB of RAM and a 10 GB HDD to boot the system and store user settings and sounds. The connectivity is represented with MIDI In/Out/Thru and USB port.

Country of origin / production: Germany

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