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Zeppelin Design Labs


According to the developers of ZEPPELIN DESIGN LABS, their business has made an epic journey, starting in a small warehouse and having moved ... to a larger warehouse. It’s not a joke, their workplace, located in Chicago, is hidden between a t-shirt store, a garage and a sheet metal shop. Zeppelin Design Labs appeared thanks to two skilled craftsmen - Brach, an expert audio product designer, and Glen, an experienced project manager. Both creators believe that they fully deserve the compliments of their irrepressible imagination and their rapid development, grinding their ideas into first-class metal. In 2011, they started with freelance as audio product developers, now the engineers create their own products selling them to the end user.

Zeppelin Design Labs know perfectly what it's like to unpack a brand new device and get kind of mad with an inventor who soldered his work of art definitely for art and not for the user. So, Zeppelin Design Labs don’t want to do this. By acquiring and building dozens of sets, the brand developers have understood the annoyance caused by inefficiently designed tools, and offer musicians only such a design that they would use themselves (Brach is a musician). Each Zeppelin Design Labs product is a mix of accurate interface, smart ideas, top materials, stunning performance, lightweight construction and detailed documentation.

Zeppelin Design Labs love what they do - especially if it's for the DIY sphere, and they hope that their customers like their products as much as they do. The developers are also ready for custom orders.

Zeppelin Design Labs products include the Macchiato Mini Synth digital synthesizer (as well as the Macchiato Mini Synth STEM Pack), 9V DC Power Supply, Cortado MkII Balanced Buffered Contact Mic, Espresso Portable Phantom Power Supply, Percolator 2W Tube Guitar Amp (valve amp), Compactron Tube 6AF11 NOS (Valve), a pair of 3-Pin XLR Jacks, Copper Shielding Tape 12 "and Piezo Transducer 27mm.

Macchiato Mini Synth is a fun digital synthesizer with sound of excellent quality - it's easy to use, this device which fits the palm of your hand will seem a real entertainment. The device will appeal to fans of DIY, synth-making geeks, those who’re fond of 8-bit processors, teachers, musicians, children and perhaps everyone else. The instrument ships as a ready-made unit as well as a kit, which is quite easy to assemble. The device requires 9V DC power. The battery doesn’t come included. If you’re comfortable with Arduino, you can easily "hack" the open source software that is used in Macchiato. You can also download updates and upload them to the synthesizer, getting access to a completely new sound.

The guitar amplifier Percolator 2 Watt Tube Amp (valve amp), also offered as a kit or a complete device, is suitable for an apartment and a studio, rehearsal room or stage. Unlike other guitar amplifiers, here only one Compactron tube is used. The volume control allows you to adjust warm clear tone at low levels, and aggressive overdriven voices at high levels. These and those are available at moderate volume. Specification of the device: 115 VAC or 230 VAC (optional when ordering), with or without cabinet (made of poplar), 1 NOS 6AF11 Compactron tube, custom power transformer. It’s easy to assemble for both a professional and beginner.